FBI Director James Comey has cleared Hillary Clinton… again! Clinton remains under investigation for the Clinton Foundation.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz sent out a tweet late this afternoon, saying that FBI director, James Comey has – once again – cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing, sticking to the conclusion the agency reached in July.


It took the FBI twelve months to review 33,000 emails from the Clinton server.

This time around, it took them eight days to review 650,000 emails. This investigation was not concluded, it was squashed. Speculation of someone high up, whether it be Loretta Lynch or Hillary Clinton herself, had this investigation killed. It’s also alleged that it was done in a way to perform damage control for the Clinton camp and attempt to make them look decent ahead of election day.


Here are the facts:

Collusion with SuperPACs

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas has proven that the Clinton campaign colluded with SuperPACs to send paid agitators to Trump rallies across the nation.

In Chicago, their birddogging led to two police officers being injured.

Podesta Emails

Wikileaks revealed that the Podestas, who are very close to Hillary Clinton, are involved in spirit cooking, an occult performance that uses blood and bodily fluid to create a paintable substance. Even if these elites aren’t performing satanic rituals, this still shows how hopelessly out of touch they are with the whole of America.

Globalist Agenda

Hillary Clinton is for “…hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders” and we’ve seen how well open borders has worked for Germany.

The only way to make our voices – and will – be heard is to go out and vote on Tuesday, November 8th and drain the swamp.

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.
  • Roseann

    Isnt it amazing how fast going through 650k emails takes no time at all! BUT, 33k take a year and a half? I say he was paid off or offered something..IMO

    • bc

      I say he was offered a choice = drop the case & keep your job or else. He did not want else !

  • Justaguy

    It scares me to think that the election is in fact rigged and that the Clinton camp just showed Comey over the weekend how she will be the next president and that he had better get on board. There’s no way Clinton should win this election. Nobody wants her, no excitement on the campaign trail, (ie. 30 people show for a Kaine rally) I do hope this isn’t a theft election……

    • Samerica

      From the signs and stickers and crowds i see for Trump I hope pray that you
      are wrong which would mean the left wouldn’t get another 4 years of BO2!

  • disqus_HLLNvo67Mw

    There’s to be no escape for Comey. He’s guilty of crimes against humanity, along with Clinton and Obama. The US government is no longer legitimate. The line of Presidential succession is broken.

  • Charles Hollier

    Hopefully the foundation will take them all down.

  • Samerica

    that disgusting corrupt lying anti american diaper wearing big butt pig belongs in jail.

  • One-Eye

    Once again Alex Jones has been proven right. This was a ruse set up purely as a last-minute distraction from the Wikileaks. Especially since it concerned satanic worship and child sex rings.

  • gordon

    650,000 emails in 3 days that is 2.5 emails a second whomever read those emails must be a super sonic speed reader someone will soon commit suicide by shooting themselves twice in the back of the head