Just like clockwork, the rich elitist liberals come out to mock the poor. Hamilton cast members along with other liberals took to Twitter to mock and bully the less fortunate people in America.

Hamilton has made lots of news after harassing Mike Pence at a recent show. The entire cast came out on stage as one of the lead actors insulted Mike Pence and the American people.

Outrage towards the cast of Hamilton doesn’t end at this incident. A casting call that refused white people from auditioning came out into the public. This type of casting call breaks actors equity rules, which brought even more flames to the fire.


YouTube personality Franchesca Ramsey went to Twitter to mock those less fortunate than her. She said in a tweet “how you gonna #BoycottHamilton when you can’t afford tickets in the first place?”liberals

She wasn’t the only one though. Sam Kalidi, an actor said something similiar. “Boycott Hamilton? First of all you had no intention of seeing a musical with black people & more importantly you can’t afford the tickets.”

These types of out lashes are what got President Trump and Vice President Pence into office. The hypocrisy and hatred-ness of the left is what turns people off from associating with them. They claim they are the party of peace and equality, but why not practice what you preach?

UPDATE: Franchesca Ramsey blocked REGATED on Twitter.

We’ll miss you Franchesca 🙁


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  • Earnest Younger

    Hamilton is just a minstrel show for white liberals.

  • David

    They’re partly right. I never had an intention to going to a show with black people recreating white history. I mean, why? So I won’t start boycotting Hamilton now. I’ve been doing it all along.

    • NationalCrusade

      They are legit trying to rewrite history. ridiculous

  • Carlee Veldezzi

    Laugh it up, but your flash in the pan shows 15 minutes are soon over, and the Judicial, Legislative and Executive will still be beyond you. Game. Set. Match.

  • Jeff Jones

    How many times do i have to say it …”BOYCOTT THE FUCK OT OF HOLLYWOOD AND ANYTHING LIBERALS MAKE MONEY AT” and put these useless inept liberals and actors in the poor house. If you want to beat them break them. The useless Hollywood fops and inept Millennials, most that had never worked a real job or even contributed to taxes thought they could insult and call the heart of America, the working class, the people that built America with their sweat and blood, the people that really do count and earned that count, they called them racist, bigots, sexists and worse of all “Deplorable” and now these spoiled self absorbed arrogant shallow narcissists and disrespectful inept Liberals can’t figure out why they lost? Maybe it’s because your still wearing diaper pins and crapping yourself. GROW THE FUCK UP!

    • gduggan

      I like the way you think.

    • Martha Youngblood Handley

      I appreciate your thoughts, GTFU! They will never get a PENNY from me…..

    • Samerica

      right on brother! take away their money you take away their power!
      hollyweird has nothing to offer anymore except sick twisted left wing crap!

  • SteveP

    Well, I don’t like musicals so I sure as hell wouldn’t pay $1000 to see one. I watch movies with black people in them so what’s the big deal about black people in a play? Finally, if I’m going to piss away $1000 it will be for something a hell of a lot better than a stupid play.

  • Randy Monk

    Why would I spend bucco bucks, when I can watch the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE, cupcakes.

    • Samerica

      boycott the NFL until they stop pushing a left agenda. watch college at least
      it is competitive and fun to watch and nobody is making millions of dollars
      while they sit and protest the American flag and this great country!

  • Doc

    This site is full of shit news.

    • Samerica

      doc the dic is at it again with one of his witty comments. you been Trumped!
      now go back to PMSNBC OR CNN where you get your lies and propaganda.

      • psage

        i guess ctr is still sending him money to troll

  • Samerica

    I have no intention of going see a broadway show with black or white people as
    Broadway sucks and is for leftist cry babies! I hope this show closes tomorrow.
    Sammy and the rest of the leftist cry babies just can’t take they are now LOSERS!

  • NationalCrusade
  • Connie

    They’re a bunch of ARROGANT LOW LIFE’S in suits and cocktail dresses. Money and PHD’s do NOT GIVE ONE CLASSS!

  • Miriam Callaghan

    I don’t do business with racists

  • corruptclintons

    These hateful sheep are not liberals. This story explains why they lost it all in 2016.

  • Otis McNutt

    “We, sir, are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir. But we hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and work on behalf of ALL of us.” SO MUCH HARASSMENT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Urusigh

      You see no irony at all in a “diverse America” that quite literally excluded white people, whose show only the wealthy can afford, self-referencing as “ALL of us”?

      “We…who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights…”

      Protect them, the planet, and their rights from… whom, exactly? Radical Islamic terrorists? Nuclear rogue states? Inner city criminals? That would actually make sense, but those are all part of Trump’s platform so we can be pretty sure that wasn’t what they meant.

      I’m going to take a guess at what they did mean: please protect us from the people who want to treat us the same way we’ve been treating them. Because the Left has had a good eight years lately of socially, culturally, politically, and economically marginalizing their opposition, even when it required judicial and executive overreach to do it.

      They ignored all the warnings about what could happen if someone “less enlightened” followed them into an office with all those expanded powers and dangerous legal precedents. They ignored it because they couldn’t conceive of losing.

      So now the imperial king Obama must pass his crown to a true autocrat and they must beg him “Sir” for the reinstatement of those “centrist”, “bipartisan”, “unifying” political standards and the Constitutional checks and balances which they themselves so recently derided and ignored as “obstacles to progress”.

      I laugh at the irony. Even if Trump turns out to be a truly horrible President, he may still at least serve as a cautionary tale regarding the dangers of unfettering the executive and excluding the opposition. If their fears do come to pass then they have only their own example to blame. If not, they owe it entirely to the fact that those whom they mocked, reviled, scorned, and spat upon did not retaliate in kind, but instead truly did uphold American values.