Within the first 100(ish) hours of winning the presidency — before even taking office — Donald Trump successfully killed the TPP. He reset relations with Russia and got an offer from Canada to renegotiate NAFTA.  Trump’s win completely humiliated the mainstream media and political establishment. Trump’s presidency offers tremendous change in the right direction. But the left feels… left out.

Dear liberals — while he may not be your president, he is most certainly my — and many others’ — president.

After eight years of Democratic control under Obama the country will now flourish with actual leadership. I voted for Obama twice, so please quell any impulse to call me racist. Trump is the people’s champion. If he continues to fight for American values as passionately as in the campaign season, the next four will correct our direction as a nation.

Believe it or not, it’s not just about you, leftists. You’re not justified to riot and burn your own communities to the ground just because the country spoke in a tone you didn’t like on November 8th. For as many people angered at the election results, just as many celebrated.

America’s silent majority was forgotten and ignored for years.

The average citizen could only watch as Washington bloated with crony capitalism and elitist buyouts of our noble institutions. It wasn’t hard to see disconnect between average citizens and our politicians. People became rightfully furious. We voted for change with Obama and saw staggering decline in many areas of our nation.

Liberals scream and whine rather than give President Trump — and get used to hearing “President Trump” — a chance. Instead of working to unite under a common objective, under an American goal, you’ve decided to rebel and look totally anti-American. Make no mistake about it, protesting the results of democracy is not American — it’s downright pathetic.

And before you lose your mind and talk about the ‘popular vote’, remember that the rules for elections are the rules. Trump knew the rules and played to win. If you want to change the rules after you’ve lost… well… you’re just debating like a leftist all over again. You can’t keep moving the goal posts.

Mainstream media and the Internet would mock us if Trump supporters took to the streets. Because Clinton supporters wreak havoc the televised media finds a sudden interest in first amendment rights. Yes, these are the same networks that cut-off Trump supporters at the mere mention of Wikileaks.

So I repeat: it’s not just about you, liberals.

All you lame, loser whining liberals failed to account for the average joe and it cost you. All you unique millennials failed to account for the discontent and anger with the establishment and it cost you. You failed to account that not everyone worships identity politics and political correctness like you do and it cost you.

You tried, you failed, you lost.

So dear liberals, please enjoy the next four (who are we kidding, eight) years under President Trump. Sincerely, 60 million+ American voters.

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.
  • reenie217


  • Samerica

    what a bunch of spoiled lazy cry babies! just like the wall street protesters when the
    weather gets colder or they get bored and need their mommy’s food and house or
    go back to their lazy college liberal starbuck iphone lifestyles they will leave! go now.
    they should be protesting BO, HC and the entire demoncrap party and media! dopes.

  • J Chesney

    They are mere Cry Bullies, and I don’t give a damn what they think or want. We have suffered for a long eight years under the reign of what will go down as the single worst presidency in American history. So, go ahead, tear up your cities. We don’t care. WE THE PEOPLE won, and you losers didn’t. Get used to it!

  • Wolff

    I, a Libertarian (not Liberal) millennial, unapologeticly voted for Donald Trump. I decided he was the best candidate after researching his background. Nothing complicated for a hardcore geek to accomplish. I despise mainstream media and all other outlets pumping ignorant citizens heads full of nonsense through manipulation tactics they use to increase their audience. These crooked individuals are interested in revenue above all else. A bigger audience = increased revenue. We have the internet nowadays. It is not complicated to check sources, verify data… People choose to believe such fabrications because it matches their own confirmation biases so eloquently. Is Donald Trump perfect? Undoubtably no. He is an imperfect human being just like everyone else. “He’s unpoliticaly correct!” Your point? Political correctness is by its own name deceptive. A completely moronic set of rules imbeciles choose to follow. Why should I change my speech patterns or personal beliefs in a vain attempt to avoid the slight possibility someone might be offended? Mind control is what it is. Unless you are spewing radical propaganda, why should you be silenced. Not to mention we have the first amendment that protects free speech. We were founded as a nation of liberty. A mealting pot. Our schools have been taken over by extremists who believe anything other than their own ideas is unacceptable. Horse-pucky! I will end my imperfect quick rant here. lol ;p

  • Bryan King

    Preach it brother.

  • psage

    amen, i have enjoyed seeing the protests knowing that they are doing all that and they can’t change the outcome, the american people have spoken its our turn now not hers

  • Ken

    Men or women the world does not revolve around us.

  • bighead227

    Well said, sir. Bravo

  • Ben Wasserman

    You know, it might not be about us, but it’s definitely about how we want the world to see us. And what you told everyone is that you don’t care if America is seen as a bunch of fools who will overlook bigotry if it means economic welfare. Trump is going to become President, but he has not received the respect of a Presidental candidate. Not by me, not by the other side, and certainly not by the world.

    Oh and I believe Trump is now flip-flopping on his stances. Who didn’t see that coming?

  • Mike0oSS

    Watching the left implode has been my favorite form of entertainment lately…censorships, the vote fraud, all the machinations of the Democratic Party calling for a “popular vote”. It’s been an enjoyable last few weeks.