Cuba’s communist leader, Fidel Castro, has died at the ripe, old age of 90. Let’s break out the champagne!

The loss of life is not an easy thing to experience for families, in any capacity. However, what are the feelings toward the death of one of the most brutal dictators in modern world history? A win-lose scenario.

Naturally, the loss of Fidel hits his family; however, the win scenario is that we can finally begin to assert actual freedom on the Cuban island.

¡Patria o Muerte, Venceremos! – Not so much, anymore.

Fidel abdicated his power over his communist government, in 2008, to his brother Raul, citing concerns for his deteriorating health. However, this only occurs after Fidel’s nearly-sixty year reign and his long lasting track record for his killing, controlling, and oppression of the Cuban people.

He rose to power after deposing an American backed military dictator through a effective propaganda campaigns and some of the most brutal guerrilla warfare tactics ever utilized. Nevertheless, his message for equality and social justice for the people of Cuba quickly turned as he began campaigns of censorship, insurrection, and intimidation to dissenters.

Under Castro, communist Cuba relied heavily on the Soviet Union. In fact, the Castro and his Cuba wouldn’t have become relevant players if it weren’t for the Soviets. Through subsidies and direct funding from the Kremlin, the country began to modernize; however, economic stagnation overtook the country with the justified American trade embargo and dissolution of the Soviet bloc.

After 1991, Fidel became the last bastion of Cold War era communism in the Western Hemisphere, to say the least. Regardless of such facts, the Cubans suffered under Fidel Castro’s brand of communism. He censored the press, he limited movement in and to the country, and persecuted blacks, women, homosexuals, and the religious.

Cuba’s universal healthcare and education systems are failing. Cubans are left in poverty as the country is stuck in the twentieth century, all because of Castro’s communism. A utopia of equality, Cuba is no more.

Through a series of human rights violations on par with Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, he forced his own people out to seek shelter and asylum in neighboring Florida. Because of Fidel Castro, Miami, and the United States, has become a new hope for Cuban Americans who fled. Allowing this to serve as a testament to his atrocious brand of extreme leftism, Cuban Americans are more conservative and are true advocates for free markets and individual liberty.

Castro destroyed families and ended lives. These are truths we must realize, examining the aftermath of his death.

We cannot justify a monster.

In the time since his death, world leaders and media organizations  around the world have toned down the atrocities associated with the dead Cuban.

Outlets such as the Washington Post, CNN, and BBC have called Castro the a “spiritual beacon,” an inspiration, and even a “firebrand.” Such characterizations are downright atrocious and defy reality. World leaders like U.S. President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, also, seek to pay their respects justifying his past existence.

We, in the free world, cannot justify a monster, even in the semblance of his death.

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Michael McGrady

Michael McGrady is a political journalist and part time muckraker based in Colorado. In addition, he a is political strategist and policy analyst working with some of the foremost conservative politicians in state and national politics. He focuses predominately on conservative solutions to public policy and the art of conservative electioneering. His work has been featured, republished, or cited in several publications across the nation including The Wall Street Journal, Washington Examiner, the New York Post, The Denver Post, The Hill, The Daily Caller, The Blaze, and policy publications for one America's leading free-market, libertarian think tanks.

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    Obama has shamed America so much, it’s making me numb.

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      I was numb when BO stole not one but both elections.

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    Now if George Soros would just lay down for a permanent dirt nap, the country could have a great party celebrating the new America!

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      cASStro and Soros (Schwartz) BOTH JEWS. Figure it out lamebrains.

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    Great article. I wasn’t shocked just disgusted when some of the brainwashed little
    twits at work said WHO’S CASTRO? One though he was a baseball player! One
    said no he’s a soccer player! Even my brainwashed lvy league manager told them
    GO BACK TO SCHOOL! He voted for Hellary because he ‘hates Trump’ but other
    than that had no reason he could give me. He’s coming around to Trump now. It’s
    the fault of the leftist agenda and policies and bias media that has distorted and
    ignored the facts of history that these brainwashed twits don’t know real history!

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    I have a feelind i just read buzzfeed. Bad article.

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    Jou LYING POS compare that KIKE PODOGSHIT Castro to Adolf Hitler, the GREATEST leader of our time??? And every edJEWcated libTARD here will beLIEve it???

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