The left has lost the 2016 election and the titans of technocracy are closing ranks. Tech giant Google just announced it would restrict Google Ads on ‘fake news’ sites. Facebook is similarly shifting policy.

For those unaware that Google has become a leviathan of leftist statecraft, please remember that Google quietly removed “Don’t Be Evil” as its motto in 2015 during this election season.

Reuters reports:

“We do not integrate or display ads in apps or sites containing content that is illegal, misleading or deceptive, which includes fake news,” Facebook said in a statement.

This shift promises to combat sites which are deceptive and misleading. In a blue skies world these intellectually siloed Silicon Valley sore losers would target sites like Snopes and favor sites like Breitbart — which was the star of this election season thanks to tireless delivery of truth and proof amidst a sea of dystopian doublethink.

A recent example shows how damaging and misleading leftist media has become.

Two days after Trump won video emerged where a white man is pulled from his car, beaten, then dragged as his car gets stolen. A female cheers while recording and yells “You voted trump… beat his ass… don’t vote Trump!”


Breitbart reported the attack like this:

“You voted Trump! You voted Trump! Daaaaaaaamn!” an off-camera voice screams. Others can be heard saying, “You gonna pay for that shit!” and “Beat his ass!” Another laughs as the man is beaten, saying, “Don’t vote Trump.”

Breitbart reported accurately on the video, sharing only what is visibly seen and heard. Breitbart reported the video was viral even though YouTube removed it multiple times. YouTube is a subsidiary of Google which now promises to target misleading and deceptive news.

Breitbart does not speculate on motive whatsoever but does lament that “Establishment news outlets such as CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS have not reported on the shocking video at the time of this writing.”

Snopes reported the attack like this:

While it’s clear Wilcox was assaulted, it seems from initial police reports and his own statements that the assault stemmed from a traffic incident. Bystanders are heard taunting him for voting for Trump, but that’s not what the impetus for the beating was.

Imagine that. A leftist website running Google Ads seriously argues that the assault is the opposite of what it seems. It then references a police report in a city overrun with corruptocrats who are doing everything to undermine Trump.

Snopes’ Bethania Palma watched this video — heard the Trump chants — and fact checked by denying Trump’s victory as having anything to do with this attack. She uses the word ‘impetus’ to distract from her outrageous deception.

But maybe she’s right. Politics didn’t just cause this attack, misleading and deceptive media did. The propagandizing left convinced millions that Trump is somehow Hitler’s second coming. They openly justify the motives for anyone who carries out such attacks. Nearly every outlet parrots unfounded claims of white nationalism or anti-Semitism among Trump’s closest advisers. Even an orthodox Jew on CNN couldn’t quite screw their lying heads back on straight.

What is Facebook and Google’s goal?

Their goal is simple: silence dissent by bankrupting it. Reuters’ article hints that tech giants faced backlash for Trump’s victory, as if they hadn’t gaslit and mislead the public enough by suppressing trending news and ‘curating’ what their users saw.

They cite an article claiming Trump won the popular vote as ‘fake news’ — yet Tim Kaine announced Hillary won the popular vote the morning of the 9th when millions of votes were not yet counted.

Greg Phillips of VoteFraud.org has even worse news for leftists:

Misleading and deceptive CNN published a reality check piece back in October saying that any “claim that large-scale voter fraud exists” is FALSE. They lied!

Throughout the election Google would auto-populate positive searches for Hillary where Bing did not. Google even mislead the public by removing Jill Stein from their election landing widget.

But big data doesn’t have a big dick to swing anymore. They leveraged every trick they could. They failed to elect Hillary. Now they will target and attack conservative sites that try to report truth. By attacking truth tellers, tech will only lose America’s confidence like CNN did, which magically cut-off guests unwilling to sycophantically defend Hillary.

What does this mean for Regated?

Well, nothing. Google and Facebook are doubling down on a loss — convinced they don’t need to shift to culture. They believe that culture must shift to their views. The entire mainstream propaganda apparatus was dealt a fatal blow. Their credibility is out the window. Regated does its best to bring you news the corporate media is unwilling to publish.

The one lesson mainstream media should learn is that America has an open marketplace of ideas. If an apparatus has no confidence, eyes will look elsewhere for information.

And the golden rule of advertising will never change:

Money follows eyes over time.

  • Samerica

    I’m glad I don’t use facebook and never used google until recently as my webpage
    but now i will going back to my old webpage user. I don’t like google anyway. I will
    not and all Trump and non leftist who are braindead brainwashed by the bias media
    like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PMSNBC ETC…..will not use watch or buy anything
    by or from them or any company who supports this kind of nazism against those
    who don’t agree with them or brainwashed to their lies and propaganda and just
    go along as if they are some kind of slave or robot! Let’s put facebook and all of
    these leftist and anti americans out of business who want to take away our rights &
    freedom instead of being freedumb like all the leftist are! they are not free just dumb.

  • Since we’re on the topic of fake news, such as the mainstream media news channels that are forced to produce fake news or risk losing their lucrative CEO positions, I have a question regarding one of the debates. I’ve searched everywhere and cannot find the statement where Hillary Clinton says something similar to “There are people who want to take this country in a much different direction”, making it blatantly obvious she WAS referring to people outside of government, Freemason Luciferian globalists perhaps? Zionist Freemason globalists perhaps, Jesuit Freemason globalists perhaps?, Communist Freemason globalists perhaps”, Nazi Freemason globalists perhaps? Eugenicist Freemason globalists perhaps? Can anyone find this? I’d like to know if I’m correct in thinking it was removed by the globalist’s mainstream media minions since she would be the person supporting the people who want to move this country in a much different direction, not the other candidate like she was trying desperately to imply. She said it in a tone of voice that made me cringe, thinking the direction is first the Red and Blue list, then home extractions, then Walmart stores for RFID chipping and processing or guillotine, then the underground tunnels, then the FEMA deathcamps, then guillotine or gas chamber. If anyone reading this disbelieves this is what they are preparing for then you would be WRONG! SEVERELY WRONG! There is tons of proof that is unfortunately kept out of the media and we all know that if it isn’t in the media, the mind-control society is under will not permit them to believe it. This is why it was omitted. If the mainstream media had reported on it, she would’ve had to explain. Please find the statement where she says this because if I’m not mistaken it was word for word and she said it in error, under pressure, trying to make herself appear to be the good candidate and Donald Trump the villain. Please send me the exact statement if you can find it: stopluciferianglobalists@gmail.com Thank you.

  • David

    Trump needs to do a couple things:
    (1) Use existing antitrust law (on the books since the 1930’s) to crack down on these media conglomerates. When Google can exert this much online power, it must be broken up.

    (2) Force cities to obey federal law, with FBI agents if necessary. They can’t be rats-nests of illegal voting any more. The first step is to get those illegals out of the country. Not sure how to finish the job because it’s within liberal states that control their own state election procedures, so maybe this cannot be done totally.

  • Pontious Pirate

    [10:56:21 PM] Caribbean Critic: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/11/21/rigged-election-whos-afraid-of-a-red-herring/comment-page-1/#comment-666672

    November 21, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    You libtard cry babies lost ! the 3 million + illegals piled up the votes in California the voting machines piled up the votes where they were used and the 1.8 million dead voters piled up the votes, all for Hillary! But the landslide for Trump was just too big to overcome.. stop your stupid riots and attacks on Trump supporters. It will not be accepted for much longer what are you cry babies going to do when Trump is in the White House and the voters come after you cry babies with guns?

  • Pontious Pirate

    My other on line persona is Caribbean Critic