Traditional media is dead. The mainstream media is dead. Print is dead. Even digital is overrun by assholes like Vox and Mic and Gawker. Only election influencers still matter.

This election was won by influencers who leveraged Twitter, Facebook, Periscope, and YouTube to shape and give opinions, news, and commentary.

And they won.

We’ve curated 10 of our favorite election influencers who helped make this election bearable, winnable, and memorable.


Gavin McInnes

Gavin is a Canadian commentator who famously founded Vice Media back in the ’90s. It grew tremendously and McInnes left in 2008. Gawker applauded his exit.

Gavin has since transformed into a sort of #BasedDad and advocate of the patriarchy. He expresses his love for masculinity and parenting in unusual ways, like triggering a redheaded social justice tranny on YouTube or getting his dick out way before harambe got assassinated…


Roseanne Barr

Millennials may not know Roseanne but she’s been a forefront of cultural commentary and critique long before Amy Schumer showed up to crack fat jokes.

Roseanne’s Twitter is unapologetically savage:

We’re convinced she’s the most ‘red pilled’ celebrity out there:

Subscribe to her YouTube channel, she deserves a shit ton more subscribers.


Mike Cernovich

Mike is a beast. He’s a rugged and fearless Twitter influencer, author, and commentator. He’ll probably be remembered as the leader for thousands of Trump supporters on Twitter and Periscope these past few months. He’s successfully built a network of fans, tipsters, and citizen journalists who appreciate his sincere writing and self-improvement books.

Mike may seem conceited, but he’s a big-hearted guy who earned all the influence he has.

His books are a must read for anyone intimidated or bullied by leftist mobs or simply seek the confidence to be better. We interviewed him a few months back, but his Rubin Report video interview takes the cake:


Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo is famous. Everyone knows him as that troll — but few have taken the time to hear his well-reasoned and sincere politics.

Milo is an empathetic virtuous troll who seeks to combat internet censorship, leftist fascism, and social justice insanity like body positivity.

Twitter permanently banned him after he irritated special snowflake Leslie Jones on Twitter, but his influence lives on during his second leg of The Dangerous Faggot Tour.

His outrageous provocations by design ‘wake up’ the left and teach that feelings don’t matter in the grand scheme of life:


Ben Garrison

Ben’s hilarious comics kept patriotic Americans sane throughout this election season. His attention to detail and persuasive illustrations rippled throughout social media.

Attempts to smear him as racist or bigoted abounded throughout the election, but he’s actually just a nice guy who doesn’t like elitists.

Despite leftist attempts to ruin Ben’s life, he’s still adored by Trump fans worldwide:

“Do an internet search of my name and you’ll see me in a Nazi uniform, which can be a tad off-putting to potential commercial art clients. I lost a lot of work as a consequence. I now must try to make a living drawing the cartoons and selling paintings.”




That Guy T

That Guy “T” is a popular YouTuber who I watch to get educated. Seriously. This guy is a brilliant and handsome genius. He covers free market capitalism, libertarianism, social justice, and racism. He’s not an outright Trump supporter, but he’s wildly informed and open-minded.

The fact he’s black and speaks with Edward Snowden and bitcoin posters in the background is icing on the cake because liberals can’t deal with black people not worshipping their doctrine.

His “What’s the Alt-Right REALLY about?” video is probably the funniest explanation of this emerging political movement on the web:


Blaire White

Blaire White is a personal favorite for me. I’m gay so when I discovered her YouTube I actually jumped up and down. She’s a trans male to female who considers it her “mission in life” to trigger leftists:


Her videos are wonderful takedowns of leftist social justice culture:

We interviewed Blaire a few months back — but watching her chat with Alex Jones was an intriguing clash of worlds with heaps of common ground:


Stefan Molyneux

Stefan has been redpilling the world for years. His 2010 video “The Story Of Your Enslavement” has over 5M views and cleanly articulates the mental prisons the masses live under.

Stefan is both brilliant and dedicated to creating long form arguments and explanations for various political philosophies. His YouTube channel is a goldmine of insights and talks, and his Twitter is a non-stop barrage of quips and colorful commentary on the left:


Bill Mitchell

Bill Mitchell is the founder of YourVoice Radio. He dedicated his time and effort to Trump supporters on social media by giving them the voice they don’t have. With over 50,000 listeners Mitchell made serious impact.

He also called the election earlier than the rest with sheer confidence that Donald Trump would win. On election day he was 100% sure Donald Trump would win, and Bill called major states well before mainstream news did.


Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson is a nightmare for leftists. He’s a smart straight white male with blisteringly direct views on populism, censorship, and Islam. Naturally the left deemed him the face of conspiracy theorists.

He makes videos for InfoWars and his own channel, but to capture his full humor you’ve got to follow him on Twitter:


We know there are many more to mention — from Steven Crowder to Lauren Southern to Baked Alaska. Stay tuned for a part 2 and leave suggestions in the comments…

  • rostomic

    No ,mention of Michael Savage who won one of the major awards of radio talk hosts!!! .. with the HIGHEST number of listener outreach across the country and the world ( measured in 10s of millions!!! !! And his books are on top of best sellers most of the time throughout the year!

    • Social Disorder

      For some reason the nation is always overlooked. I really like this list but far and away a huge influencer who is so respected he can get Trump on. Scorched Earth!

      • canadabasin

        Correct…Savage was on the TRUMP TRAIN loooooonnng before the rest of the crowd. The fact that this article overlooks him is ridiculous…along with Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity. I would also give props to O’Keefe and Assange. However, the article is about people we “should” know…meaning many may not. Those I named, along with Savage, are well known to many.

        • I like Gavin, but he was much too late to be included here. I also question how large his audience is.

  • Concerned

    Of course Alex Jones is on your next list? Ezra Levant deserves mention as well. My personal favs on this list you posted is Paul Watson and Milo.

    • PleaseKillMe

      Extra is brilliant. His videos roasting the Canadian Human Rights Commission right to their face is a great watch.

  • Frank Bigelow

    Us conservatives/libertarians are in good hands. Coupled with Trump we need to destroy leftists.

  • lynnjynh9315

    Scott Adams, Vox Day, Sargon of Akkad, Dave Rubin, and Julien Assange.

  • D’Marcus Liebowitz

    If Ricky Vaughn isn’t in your next list I disavow

    • Race Bannon

      Some say you should be on the list, I mean this list.

  • HogwartsBukkake


  • Miguelxdz

    I was going to comment about Crowder but i saw the note at the end. Great article, this people are saving us of the regressive left.

  • Baruch Goldstein

    Copper Cab is a lost soul.

  • Godot

    Watson and Milo are the best.

  • Neptunium

    I’m finally a hipster at something.

  • Tj Tin Man Hart

    Sargon of Akkad needs to be on this list. Dave Robin could be, too, but Sargon has embraced the shit lording recently and has been active in the anti-SJW community since GamerGate.

    • Zanard Bell

      I do feel that the change in the political climate happened during Atheism+ and GamerGate, otherwise the left would have still continued to dominate those two fields.

    • BluMeany


  • Mitch Hughes


  • Goldman2016

    I like Steven Crowder, but he didn’t influence shit this election except maybe making some potential Trump voters stay home.

    • Dale Pearl

      i agree that he caused Republicans to not vote Trump. i love his show though but i was disappointed with his views on Trump.

    • Thorverine

      He’s the cuck that said Trump’s unfavorably rating was to high to win the election, and that only Ted Cruz would be able to best Hillary

  • Lisa Laudani Stripp

    Amy Moreno… a breath of fresh air.

  • clockworkelves

    So dressing up like a woman makes you a woman? That should be an insult to every genuine woman.

    • Exactly. I crossdress, but am totally good with being a boy. I’m just put together better than most men (and many women, for that matter), live my life with a smile, and hang out with good people while ignoring the nazis who insist they’re female because they bought fake boobs, do bad drugs, and have an F on their driver’s license. They’re still competitive male bullies.

      • clockworkelves

        Do you menstruate?

        • Do I need to? Or are you just picking a fight? I was agreeing with you, dipstick.

          • clockworkelves

            Yes you do need to menstruate to be a woman. You’re stupid, crazy and probably pick fights with yourself all the time.

  • Devolutionist

    Try not using sexuality as your waybill.

  • Matt Brewer

    Alex Jones should’ve been number one in my opinion. He paved the way for a lot of these people listed. Also not taking away from anyone mentioned, they’re all apart of our movement and pushing the left to the left. Good read, put me on with a couple names I didn’t know.

  • Matt Brewer

    Also Dinesh D’Souza should get a shout

  • agecmorgan

    Great list!! Here are my pics:

    Roaming Millennial

    Blonde in the Belly of the Beast

  • TB Motherlode

    Good list! But that video of Milo is one of the worst with that idiotic reporter trying to frame him as a liar and provocateur. Maybe change to the one of him with Christina Hoff Summers and Steven Crowder.

  • The Blast Crusader

    They missed Ricky Vaughn, and of course, 4chan.

    • MeCo

      r/The_Donald on Reddit too!!!!

  • Chris1208

    Alex Jones definitely should be on the next list and up and comer Tomi Lahren (Her contract with Beck’s Blaze is soon over thank God!)………. Paul Joseph Watson, Stefan Molyneux and Milo are the best!!!

  • Zanard Bell

    I feel that June (sh0eonhead) and Armoured Skeptic deserve a spot here, if only because they had been instrumental in getting center-left people to open up their eyes on SJWs, which also subsequently moved the political compass of millennials just a bit to the center.

  • Dennis Fandrick

    Alex Jones, Tomi Lauren, Dennis Michael Lynch and of course myself …
    Dennis Fandrick
    Founder DNN Deplorable News Network


  • skjellyfetti

    Alex Jones should be at the top of the list. Remember, Trump was actually on his show during the primaries. And of course Julian Assange

  • EdmundBurke

    New kid on the block. Very cogent political commentary.

    • Jonathan Lincoln

      Yess styxx is beast. No body predicted the election like this guy. Fuckin NO ONE.

    • J Niebuhr

      Confirmed. I was watching his youtube stream on election night. His ongoing analysis was dead-on; I was certain by 9PM of the result. He plainly showed how states where Hillary was ahead had early urban votes in, with red counties yet to report. Best live election analysis I have seen. I’m 45.

  • TJ

    The Roseanne tweet about the dead baby-eating almost made me fall out of my chair!

  • DeksamTorrac

    Yes, I listen to most of these people, but part 2 and 3 should have, Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott as a trio, also Alfonzo Rachel, Tomi Lahren, Jeanine Pirro and Ezra Levant in Canada.

  • Matt Brewer

    No Mark Dice either

    • Paula Kinziger

      What’s wrong with Mark Dice?

      • Matt Brewer

        I was saying he wasn’t listed is all. I love dice

  • Thanks for this article! I thought I was one of the only right-wing GLBT type for miles. Turns out, I actually am, ‘cos of all the tranny-nazis who insist I follow their precious agendas here. But it’s good to find out about Blaire, Milo, and the others. I feel MUCH better now knowing there are people who actually look at the world without a guilting “should-be” mentality!

  • Dawn Gregg

    Alfonzo Rachel

  • kyle carrington

    Hey let’s not forget the late great george carlin!

  • Charlie

    Dear SJW”s – Walk into the bathroom, look into the mirror. That is who you need to blame. Much of everything this social justice progressives say about the opposition is projection of themselves, and deep down you know it. Remember the protest, outrage, and violence in 2008? Oh? There was none? Actions speak louder than words. The hate and causing others to fear voicing their opinion or simply wear a fucking HAT? This is how it starts. It’s the root of fascist oppresion. Get the pawns doing the legwork, then change laws one by one. When you finally wake up, its too late. The boot is on your neck already. Real fascism will be set -by our own doing. Tolerance leads to PC leads to North KoreAmerica. Don’t think so? History repeats for those ignorant to the “history”

    Science too, grinds to a hault when fear of losing funding is the dominant factor, and not “science”. Manipulating data for the “correct” answer is NOT scientific progress. Over two decades of this has gotten us nowhere.

    You can hide behind your hateful rhetoric, but the facts and truth do not change. Eventually it all comes out. Eventually is now. Your once “liberal” good hearted, for the people movement has been hijacked, and being used as a tool for the greedy “kingmakers”. If you can’t see this, you need to educate yourself. First, throw away the “history” books and educate yourselves on the real history, especially how things came to be. All the hate, all the violence being funded by Soros and the like is all the master plan.. Being further brainwashed by the MSM propagandiST machines telling you how to think, how to speak, and what is right or wrong. [Under 5% are the cause, which creates a group think.] Don’t you see you are simply being used as a pawn for their ideology? I have hope that before it’s too late, you will. Think about how you would feel if there was a “right Soros” and how you, and the media would react, especially when he is allowed in closed door top-level DNC meetings (in this case it would be RNC) Follow the trail of his destruction and goals, and you will agree – it is NOT what you stand for. Soros isn’t for you! He is for his sick “master plan”. Dig deep enough, follow fhe clues, follow the money and you will be ashamed to say you god duped. But at least you will have the courage to proclaim “I am free! As well as my mind”. Only then can you begin the rebuilding of a once great, just and fair Democratic party. It’s time to get over it, and get to work! We must love ourselves before we can another…

  • Mr. Alias

    Sargon! and Styxhexenhammer!

  • Chris Bingley

    Sargon of Akkad definitely deserves a mention.

  • J03MAN

    Scott Adams obviously needs to be on that next list. Possibly Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” as well.

  • Hadassah Rose


    • canadabasin

      Borders. Language. Culture. Big planks in the Trump platform!

  • robert franklin stroud

    Good stuff.
    A couple on that list I was unfamiliar with and will check out.

  • PleaseKillMe

    Shoe0nhead deserves a shout out too. Not a full time Trump supporter, she lambasts the cultural, safe space left….. Doesn’t hurt that she’s stunningly beautiful either.

  • Zengais

    Bill Still, Sytx, Alex Jones, Ricky Vaughn, Can’t Stump The Trump, Matt Drudge, Ann Coulter, The staff of Right Side Media Broadcasting (RSBN), Sean Hannity, Scott Adams, Roger Stone, RamZPaul

    • alex

      the intolerant right reveals itself

      • LChad

        Intolerant of what? SJW bully’s?

        • alex

          I always thought that they were the fragile snowflake types…not the other way around…

  • Jk

    These people are going to have a difficult time now they’re the establishment. They prefer to be the underdogs, eventually they’ll all turn on Trump.

  • TyroneKowalski

    Alt-lite didn’t win this election.

    America’s #1 Most Trusted Republican News Source–the Daily Stormer–had a much larger hand than anyone on this list.

  • Mr. Alias

    Charles C. Johnson and the crew at GotNews.com – Source-level breaks and investigations.

    also Diamond and Silk

    • MeCo


  • BluMeany

    Even though he runs against many of the above at times, I think Ben Shapiro is a definite must-add. He’s not as edgy, but he’s a hell of a fucking debater and he tells it like he sees it – instead of blindly following a particular movement or candidate. Another one to add would be Dave Rubin, who has offered a platform to many of the people on this list. Both Rubin and Shapiro might not be as edgy or radical as some of the people above, they do carry the same free speech flag as the others. I listen to both of them, as well as the people on your list, as well as people like Crowder and Southern. I think there’s a common thread through all of their work, even if they may disagree on certain things.

  • Race Bannon

    Vox Day

    • sqt

      I was going to say the same thing. He has a very solid following and has been around a long time. I found Milo and Mike Cernovich through VD.

  • Rali

    Number one on my list are the American people who drove, walked, crawled over broken glass or even teleported to the polls to pull the lever for Donald J. Trump. They’re the true heroes of this election. They turned off the MSM noise and voted as if this was the last chance to save the country, which it was.

  • MeCo

    Umm hello!!?? David Seaman, Cassandra Fairbanks and Scott Adams!!

  • Adam

    No Ricky Vaughn? How about the real election influencers like Julian Assange, Dinesh D’Souza, Alex Jones, or James O’Keefe? The ones who were actually breaking the stories instead of just “triggering leftists”

  • Deplorable B Church

    Can’t believe you left out Matt Drudge. He is at the very top of the list. No one did more to ensure Trump won than Drudge did. No one.

  • Maria

    Bill Mitchell was the best! I followed his twitter all of election night and the guy was terrific. I was a nervous wreck and he kept everyone calm and gave us all correct information right up until the last minute. Bill, you are awesome, keep up the good work.

  • Vienna9.11.1683

    Diamond and Silk, anyone?

    • Maria

      yes agree, they are the best and so funny. 2 beautiful ladies!

  • Amiri King


  • Comments are predictably full of what about x posts, I think we can all agree that many people contributed most we will never know the name. Lets to take a moment and reflect on the most important point we did it together, despite all the ways we differ, we did this together and it is glorious.

    /hug to you all from #GamerGateHugPatrol https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7bd0af131fbf5290df785f588aa2be4ef198fe15fb2762c3dbcbcdd73120ec52.jpg

    • Zanard Bell

      GamerGate changed the game, so to speak.

      • War never changes, just the maps. – Been a lot of hacking and mod abuse this match, but now we’re camping their spawn. Keep up the ‘nade spam. – Once this is done our clan can find a new server. 🙂

  • Pepe


  • Feynman

    Love Gavin and Milo, but Alex Jones should be #1 on this list.

  • James O’Keefe? Julian Assange? Hannity? That Guy T doesn’t have the reach to be included here. Neither does Rosanne–all she has is Twitter rants and retweets. Nothing of substance.

  • TamG

    Scott Adams???

  • Frank

    Diamond and Silk

  • Tessanna12

    david Seaman, David Knight @info wars, and carl the cuck slayer, Owen Schroyer! Also, hes a little crude, but E.T. Williams (dr of common sense) Terrance Williams oh, and Taurus Rachel

  • golfhacker

    Say it


    My pick: https://twitter.com/NolteNC

  • John

    The only people on the list that are new to me is Ben Garrison and Bill Mitchell. The others I’ve been following for the past 1-2 years. So happy to see that tide is turning!! Keep fighting against the SJW and Regressive ideology.


    No mention of THEREALDARKJUDGE @ROYALMRBADNEWS he predicted half of the Election and especially the part about the FBI, RUSSIA AND BILL COSBY connections.

  • LChad


  • Fire Marshal Bill

    I feel so enlightened and informed to already know the vast majority of this list and have them on my list of subscriptions on Youtube. Great list for people to get plugged into the know!

  • Kathryn J. Hernandez

    ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡Michael Savage of Savage Nation!!!!!

  • ceelo89

    ROOSH V!

  • Paula Kinziger

    Great stuff… thank you!

  • Paula Kinziger

    Thousand’s of people out here that helped get Trump elected… We did right here in our SC county.