Popular Twitter account and website DEFCON Warning System has upgraded their estimate of tensions between the United States and Russia to DEFCON 3.

DEFCON Warning System isn’t an official government alert system. The website conducts this information via research and analytics of the current global climate. 

The mainstream media is currently reporting on the equivalent of celebrity gossip while Vladimir Putin continues to place Russia on pre-war footing.  Earlier this week, Putin asked Russian nationals living, working, and studying abroad to come back to the motherland.

Putin’s actions are considered by many experts to be a response to the increasingly belligerent tone from the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign, in addition to US posturing regarding Syria.

Putin and Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad have been allies for decades, comparable to the relatively recent cozy relationship between the USA and Syria.  The Obama administration has apparently found their balls after 8 years of global weakness and apologies, blaming Russia unequivocally for the recent Wikileaks email releases.

Elections role in United States and Russia tension.

It’s interesting to note that the DoJ and FBI, in their failure to indict Hillary Clinton, already are feeling the sting of their destroyed reputations, with many Americans expressing doubt that the United States Government has any idea who to blame for the Podesta email leaks.

Fox News today echoed this collapse of confidence in the rule of law and the DoJ, reporting that many FBI insiders were outraged at Comey’s usurpation of the normal grand jury process, and his spread of the “blame” for no charges being filed.

The American people have made it abundantly clear that we do not want war with Russia, nor do we have any desire to interfere with Syria’s sovereignty. As I noted earlier, let’s nuke the baby boomer elite’s entire system instead of Moscow. 

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  • Joseph Garrison

    I had a night mare last night woke up shouting Defcon 5 over and over again. I believe this is what Obama wants so he can stop the elections . May God keep us under his wing.