Twitter has censored James O’Keefe — the man behind Project Veritas — for 12 hours. The ban landed after O’Keefe posted videos of Clinton Campaign voter fraud.

suspendedIn the newly published video from Project Veritas Action, a Clinton staffer named Wylie Mao laughs about how he can grab a girl’s ass without getting fired. Mao implies the Clinton operation in Florida is that desperate.

An anonymous source within Project Veritas Action tells Regated:

“There’s no way of knowing if it’s related to any of the posts today, but it is kind of interesting that James has been locked from twitter after posting about fraud and corruption within the Hillary Clinton campaign all day.”

O’Keefe’s ban continues an emerging Twitter trend which deletes popular conservatives. Milo Yiannopolous, Charles C. Johnson, and more have all been removed because of their unique activism methods.

Read an official statement from Project Veritas.

Yet Twitter has no problem with racists explicitly seeking violence against another race . Racists ideologues and radicals are welcome to express urges to kill all white people.

Twitter’s value has plummeted because of its conservative witch hunt. CNN Money wrote a piece which explains the mass user exodus for alternate platforms like gab.ai that advertise freedom of expression as their primary purpose.


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