Last night, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton shared a stage for one final time in the most substantive, and so admittedly the most boring, contest of the debate series so far. While many expected a bloody blockbuster title fight between two brass knuckled political titans, the sainted Chris Wallace was able to singlehandedly halt the momentum of the media and both candidates in their rhetorical race to the bottom. From the outset, with a solid question on the Supreme Court, Wallace proved himself to be in a league of his own among the shills and hacks in the political press who have facilitated the most divisive election in our time.

Without the static noise of sensationalist mud slinging and explicit media bias, Hillary Clinton was exposed as the crooked, smug fraud who we all know her to be. When asked about the undeniable and well documented evidence of the Clinton Foundation’s pay-for-play racket with evil foreign regimes, Clinton brushed it off with a laugh and a well rehearsed pivot. When asked whether or not she would shoot down a Russian jet, the inevitable result of her proposed no fly zone over Syria, Hillary shrugs it off, apparently we’ll figure that one out in 2017.

On the nuclear question, Hillary attempted to smear Trump, deliberately mischaracterizing a quote on foreign policy to support one of her campaign’s many lies, that Trump wants a nuclear Saudi Arabia; and then something magical happened: Trump fact checked her, on the spot and with unequivocal sincerity and precision. And how did SNL’s darling “badass” Hillary respond? She shriveled up and retreated like the cowardly, lying crook that she is.

Trump, with humor and with heart won on every topic. If he was a lion in the second debate, he was a hawk in the third, surgically executing each subject with force. While Hillary stuttered and stumbled, failing to even hold eye contact with the audience as she struggled to stay on script, frantically checking her notes, Trump spoke with conviction. On abortion, Trump made a case nearly as strong as his running mate’s for life. On immigration, Trump exposed Hillary’s globalist agenda for that “hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders.” And as a grand finale, Trump spoke for all of us as he so often does when he made Hillary own her hateful snark, “such a nasty woman.”

CNN’s focus group handed Trump the win by 10-5. The YouGov shock poll posted a Trump victory 61-39 among independents and third party voters. New polls by Rasmussen and LA Times have him leading nationally once again. We are on the cusp of the third and most miraculous comeback.

After two crushing debate victories, it is easy to forget that less than two weeks ago, Donald Trump was left for dead. In the wake of a scandal so contrived and so sensationalized that Stalin himself would call it over the top, not even Trump’s own running mate remained solidly in his corner. With that silly tape running on repeat for nearly 48 hours on every major news network, top Republican operatives from Paul Ryan to Ted Cruz to Mike Pence jumping ship, and mounting pressure for Trump to drop out just one month before the election, it appeared that the unthinkable had happened: The Trump was stumped.

Though there had been similar outrage and scandal before, this one seemed different. Something felt viscerally wrong. An overwhelming sense of dread, a sense of certain doom consumed the Trump train. For the first time, the madman seemed cornered, the enemy advancing on all fronts. Under the influence of establishment operative Conway, Trump’s response was a tepid, meek apology, as even the great madman bowed to the immensity of the political earthquake which tore a hole in the earth between him and the White House.

The downward spiral only accelerated the following day. As Mike Pence cancelled events across the country, rumors began to spread of an emergency mechanism in the RNC rulebook to pull the plug on Trump’s great populist revolution and install another candidate on the ticket in his stead. With no word from Trump, no rallies, and seemingly no plan, the right was turned upside down in a chaotic riot of confusion and an unbearable feeling of helplessness and injustice. We had only one prayer: that somehow, Trump could turn it all around before a stage of tens of millions in the second debate that Sunday.

Our prayer was answered. Cornered and under assault from every front, the enemy had nowhere to run. Broken free from his chains, the madman came roaring back, louder than a bomb. That nuclear leak which the media had schemed and saved for so long, the silver bullet to pierce the teflon Don lay defused within the opening fifteen minutes of the debate. A scandal which would have killed any mortal man, which threatened the extinction of the Republican Party, which heralded the end of the rebellion against the new world order, crumbled to dust in the mighty hands of The Donald.

Anderson Cooper, Martha Raddatz, and Hillary Clinton watched in horror as their only effective weapon against the executor of their divine retribution melted before his steely gaze. And then it was Trump’s turn. Going on the offensive, he dominated Hillary Clinton like a gorilla dominates a child in a Cincinnati zoo, only this time, not even the snipers were safe from the wrath of this blonde simeon. Trump stalked old Crooked around the stage, as though he could smell her crimes and her lies on her insincere breath. The cameramen earned their paycheck that night, desperately searching for an angle to capture this barbaric display of power in which Trump did not physically tower over Hillary.

Though most don’t realize it yet, “you’d be in jail” will go down in history as the quote from this debate series, possibly this election. This one liner will go down in the books with “you’re no Jack Kennedy,” “We the People,” and “And then there was light.” Facing certain doom, the cosmic force that is Donald Trump only intensified to a state so energetic and powerful that his sheer will dominated the American political and media establishment which tried in vain to destroy him.

And this was only the beginning. Trump’s debate performance rekindled the burning passion which launched this movement one year ago. The seed had been planted. The media declared war on the American people with that leak. The elites in DC and in Manhattan thought that they could determine this election with blanket coverage of a “Trumped up” scandal, that they could seize their dreams of open trade and open borders. They thought us so stupid and meek that a silly scandal, some ridiculous tape from one decade ago would so distract us that they could steal this election.

They thought wrong. The media wanted a war with the American people, they got it. Following the debate, Wikileaks brought out the big guns, publishing devastating leaks which indict the White House, the State Department, the Department of Justice, and the Clinton campaign of federal crimes. “But Russia!” Cried the Democratic operatives on CNN and CSPAN as leaks continue to be published daily, to this day, exposing the high crimes of the national political machine.

The counterassault continued this week with the release of two viral videos by Project Veritas which document video evidence of Clinton campaign operatives confessing their role in initiating violence at Trump’s rallies and widespread voter fraud (Watch and share with friends). Recently, WeSearchr, a new organization founded by citizen journalists Charles Johnson and Pax Dickinson, has posted a $5,000 reward for hard evidence of voter fraud on voting day.

The unprecedented rise of citizen journalism induced and inspired by Donald Trump has given a voice to the voiceless. We are the silent majority no longer, as now anybody with a smartphone can be enlisted in this historical civil war to take the country back. This last act, the third and final comeback in the Trump campaign is the climax of this year’s election, a Hobbesian political war of all against all.

And we will win. Bigly. We have the most effective and decentralized political movement since the Viet Cong. We are fighting for freedom, for the Constitution, for law and order, and for the safety of our loved ones from radical Islam. We are fighting for jobs, for peace, for common sense, and to make our country great again. Who do they have? Tim Kaine? That shrill harpy, kooky Elizabeth Warren? What are they fighting for? Stronger together? What does that even mean? War with Russia? There is a reason that Donald Trump is filling stadiums and Hillary can’t fill a high school gym; because the American people are fed up, and we’re not taking it anymore.

In the final hour, the establishment is panicking. We hear on the nightly news that comrade Hillary is winning by ten points (If you oversample Democrats by 26 points) and that the election is essentially over. We hear that Trump is losing in every poll, that Trump has lost every debate, that the Trump has been stumped. Why is it then that John Kerry is pushing so hard to get Julian Assange extradited back to the US to silence him? Why are Republican campaign offices being attacked across the country? Why does every national poll now have to dramatically oversample Democrats to post a small lead for Hillary? Why is the Clinton campaign firing those people indicted in James O’Keefe’s “propaganda” videos?

According to the mainstream media, the establishment should be doing a victory lap, though it looks a lot like a series of hail Mary’s as Donald Trump rises for his third and greatest comeback. After the failed assassination attempt by his own party, Trump is no longer shackled to a polite strategy or a losing political operative and as last night’s debate showed, this Trump can win.

Now it’s our turn to put one of our own on the inside. Every four years another phony political hack is selected out of a harem of beltway insiders to execute the corrupted will of their corporate masters. Every four years we get a phony, two faced, lying politician and this year we get the queen of them all, Hillary Clinton. And which words did she choose for her latest charade last night, her public or private positions? What experimental stimulants was she hopped up on that she didn’t collapse due to heat exhaustion (I hear the debate hall was well over seventy degrees!)?

With Donald Trump, what we see is what we get: An imperfect man with bad table manners and a crude sense of humor; but an honest patriot at that. Those that fear an outsider in the Oval Office do not have concerns with Donald Trump, but with democracy. They don’t fear Donald Trump, they fear the will and competence of the sovereign American people.

For some reason these people are more comfortable entrusting the lives of themselves and their families to the expertise of a hack, a lap dog, an empty suit bureaucrat to prolong a status quo which has poisoned this nation rather than risk the perils of freedom. One thing is for sure, these people do not have the courage or the guts to win this war. Though they may have us outgunned in every influential institution, they don’t have the heart. Any man donning a Make America Great Again hat is a patriot willing to take a beating for his love of country, and there are millions of him just waiting to sign the death warrant of America’s elite on November 8th.

A wise man once said, it’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message. Some people would have preferred Bernie Sanders, some preferred Ted Cruz; regardless of primary preference we are now all united in this last great struggle for bloodless revolution. A cartel which controls the media, the press, the White House, the Congress, Hollywood, Wall Street, and the UN is too dangerous to be kept alive, regardless of its ideology. We have been afforded a remarkable man, a miraculous campaign, and now by divine intervention we have this leviathan establishment on the ropes, asking to be executed; we must oblige it.

This is a call to action to all American who still believe in the sanctity of law and in the sovereignty of the individual. The heavy lifting is done for us. Patriots like Julian Assange and James O’Keefe put their lives on the line to bring us tweetable links. Tweet them! Trump has allowed his name to be slandered and his legacy destroyed to give us a voice. Speak up! And 240 years ago the American patriots spilled their blood and gave their lives to free us from government tyranny, to govern ourselves at the ballot box. Vote! With less than a month left in this scorched earth campaign, there is no doubt that the media hit job on Trump will only intensify. We must remember what is at stake or so help us God.

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Nicholas J. Fuentes is a conservative writer and orator from Chicago, Illinois. He is currently studying international relations and political science at Boston University.

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  • Kerry Weston

    Regarding those fake media scandals about Trump, nobody’s listening to or reading from those “Mainstream Media” outlets anymore. We figured out they were lying a year ago. Goodbye CNN, Washington Post, Huffington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC !! You are the dinosaurs of the past.

  • disqus_HLLNvo67Mw

    Great article. That’s exactly what happened and exactly how it is. America has become a gigantic Vietnam and the everyday tax paying citizens are the New Viet Cong….

  • Samerica

    I agree wow what a great article! real news reporting! even Fox has made me turn
    them off with their attempt at trying to not only keep their faithful viewers but getting
    the far left nutjobs to watch them and get all the ratings while selling their souls to
    the Devil! At least Hannity and Rush are the only two left i will watch and listen to.
    Beck has become a complete moron and thinking he’s this genius that knows it
    all and we’re all fools just like the LEFT he says he’s against! Trump will be better
    than Hellary or any Demoncrap or Republican at this time! Trump them all!

  • Adrian

    One thing to keep in mind; the “decentralized voice of the people” you quote is quite dependent on a functioning Internet. Case in point, today’s DNS problems which Mike Cernovich supposes might be a false flag (http://www.dangerandplay.com/2016/10/21/false-flag-attack-russia-wikileaks-hackers-dnc-clinton/), show that this seeming strength can be cut down at will.

  • Jim Trompe

    Pence had his plane run off the runway and two planes caught on fire yesterday–what are the odds! About zero, which means the message is Trump we can get to you.

  • GamergateDunGood

    Great piece.
    One note tho: Julian Assange isn’t American