At the third and final presidential debate last week, Donald Trump resumed his professional career of making liberals’ heads explode by suggesting that he would not accept the results of the election, “I’ll keep you in suspense,” he said.

Naturally, those same liberals who read gay marriage into the fourteenth amendment and the individual mandate into the Commerce Clause took to NBC and CNN to lecture Trump on the sanctity of American tradition. While the Deplorables heard in this a totally valid and reasonable threat to contest proven Democrat voter fraud, the alarmists in media heard the rally cry of an authoritarian tyrant intent on raising a militia to seize the White House and cancel democracy.

Hillary Clinton and her media lapdogs bemoaned this as “dangerous” rhetoric, a threat to America’s longstanding commitment to the peaceful transition of power, as was demonstrated in the democratic transition to independence in 1776 and the abolition of slavery in 1865. He has gone after Mexicans, Muslims, the disabled, women, blacks, Jews, puppies, babies, orphans, ice cream, and now democracy itself! This has become the refrain of the shills in media and government supporting Hillary, that somehow this corrupt, lying felon is the vanguard of democracy in America.

The hypocrisy and ridiculousness of this narrative aside, just why is it that democracy is the one feature of American government atop all others? Democracy does not cause or create freedom, peace, or prosperity. The word democracy cannot be found in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. In fact, it just so happens, that America is a republic, not a democracy. And yet from our earliest school days we are taught that somehow our right to select which crooks steal our money in Washington DC every two years is the highest form of government. It isn’t.

Democracy means nothing more or less than the sovereignty of a plurality. Though in America the word may draw connotations of freedom or liberty or human rights, there are more illiberal, tyrannical democracies in the world today than there are free ones. Iran has democracy and is ruled by a regime of radical Shi’ite clerics. Venezuela has democracy and the government regularly kidnaps its citizens. The United Kingdom has democracy and you can be arrested for trolling someone on Twitter. Democracy secures nothing more than the rule by the will of the largest faction, which is why our transition into democracy has witnessed the introduction of a federal government exponentially beyond the size and scope authorized by the Constitution.

The most important feature of American government is republican sovereignty, the concept that each individual has unalienable rights which cannot be infringed by any government whether it be state, federal, democratic, or tyrannical. The American conception of government is not merely the selection of representatives to rule with absolute power as it currently functions but that through our Constitution, we delegate to a government certain responsibilities which cannot be satisfied in separation. It is from this revolutionary document that the federal government derives authority to spend money on a finite and precise series of provisions and to execute a finite and precise number of societal functions.

Since the ratification of the 17th Amendment which progressives hailed as a great achievement in democratization, we have slowly seen the Constitution eroded by an increasingly ignorant electorate and the tyrannical tendencies of a national majority. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae, Obamacare, NATO, the United Nations, the Federal Reserve, not one of these programs which consume a majority of public revenues are authorized by the Constitution from which the government is supposed to derive its powers. This is not a judgement on the merit of any of the programs, though they may be good or desirable, each and every one is unconstitutional and therefore unlawful, illegal.

While the ignorant electorate shrugs at the Constitutional sins of the present government because its effects may not be so bad, this is a disaster with catastrophic repercussions. A government which has gone tyrannical and begun to invent its own powers is not scary or alarming when giving money to the poor or making healthcare affordable, or all the other seemingly benevolent acts of coercion which win Democrats votes. But when a government, and in this present case government means a very specific class of connected monied and political interests, knows that it can reach beyond its Constitutional jurisdiction, there is no limit to its power. Though Democrats love that their party’s name has democracy in it because their 5th grade civics teacher taught them that we fought the revolutionary war so that we can vote for president, the principal goal of the American government was to limit its own power.

If the Constitution does not restrict government power to impose Obamacare on the 50 sovereign states of the Union, the Constitution does not restrict government power to suppress free speech. If the Constitution does not restrict government power to impose a prohibition on drugs, the Constitution does not restrict government power to start confiscating guns. Leftists call this alarmism but their only retort is that government isn’t likely to do this because in the absence of a functioning constitutional order, of course it can do all of these things.

This is why Hillary Clinton must be resisted through undemocratic means if Donald Trump does not win through democratic means. In her four years as president, she would be nominating up to four Supreme Court justices who would eviscerate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights; there can be no liberal democracy without freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or the right to bear arms. She will provide a “pathway to citizenship” for up to 11 million illegal immigrants and possibly more, forever flipping swing states like Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Florida into solid blue territory.

These two developments alone would disqualify either party if they stood to take advantage of them. That the Democrats stand to control the presidency, the Supreme Court, and the Senate and hold all of these positions ad infinitum due to demographic manipulation of the electoral map should disturb even the most radical leftists. Both Republicans and Democrats complain of the tyranny of a two party globalist establishment, yet there is one arrangement somehow more terrifying and authoritarian than that, a one party state ruled by the queen crony herself, Hillary Clinton.

The Founders were clear about this eventuality. They knew that there would come a day when this American government, like all governments throughout history, would become corrupted and tyrannical. Through their graves they urge us to pursue the peaceful and legitimate means  of the government which they created; and if that fails, then to take up arms and remind the professional politicians who runs this country. We are told that this violates the democratic process, but to hell with the democratic process if we continue down the rabbit hole of corporatist, globalist tyranny in the name of the ballot box.

For years we have had to docilely accept the status quo spoon fed to us on late night TV and by political mouthpieces from both teams. We swallowed two senseless and expensive wars in the Middle East which begot only terror, debt, and death. We have swallowed 25 years of free trade and the gutting of the American economy by treasonous multinational corporations and their pawns in government. We have gagged on the forced transformation of our culture into a suicidal mantra of tolerance at any cost. Not any more.

If necessary, we must fight. Not one politician in Washington will deliver us our constitutional rights because that is not a program which profits the banksters and the stock market, but they will be in for a rude awakening the day that the sleeping giant in the American people comes to take their country back. We must prepare for that day, if only by affirming that this day will come and that it must.

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Nicholas J. Fuentes is a conservative writer and orator from Chicago, Illinois. He is currently studying international relations and political science at Boston University.

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  • mochilero7687

    The day will come quickly if the Hildahag is elected (by fair means or foul). Military forces will have to bend to the will of the people, or another civil war beckons. And that war will be replicated in other “democracies” very quickly.

  • politically incorrect

    Buy an AR on Armslist,there are plenty availible from private sellers

    • Doc

      I’ ll pass the suggestion on to the protestors.

  • happydaz

    God Bless America, and get the deceitful players out of our Government.

  • Samerica

    Hellary along with Obomba and the entire demoncrap party are nothing but far far
    left wing progressives and socialist anti americans! their actions speak louder than
    words but you can see the destruction their policies have done and if you need more
    proof go online and watch the many videos that expose them as traitors! Trump em!

  • Beth Almeida Vene

    Man, you are the man….. I am so glad you wrote this…… it is exactly how I think…Go on my friend, I am sure we are going to hear your name a lot in the future. God bless America and man like you.