What a headache this whole affair has turned out to be. Hacked emails, sex scandals, twitter feuds, formerly the stuff of political satire now dominates the nightly news.

Hillary Clinton refuses to retire that lone successful talking point, everyone’s favorite Michelle Obama quote, “when they go low, we go high,” and yet each day both sides discover new lows in this shameful race to the bottom. If the intention of the political establishment and their media lap dogs is to crank up the white noise to such an unbearable frequency that the American people throw their hands up and cry “uncle!” to stop their ears from bleeding, it’s working.

We don’t care about Paul Ryan’s endorsement, we don’t care about impolite words that Trump said 30 years ago, and we don’t care about his tax returns. In the words of the madman himself, “it’s political bullshit.” And is there no better way to describe our present situation? It would be comical if the stakes weren’t so great.

While CNN and NBC were reporting about that time in 1970 when Trump kissed a pretty girl and while Fox News was reporting about Bill Clinton’s Wall Street speeches, storm clouds have rolled in over Washington DC.

To the surprise of many, the United States is rapidly accelerating towards war with Iran and Russia. If the news media was doing their job, this would be the headline in the New York Times and on CNN rather than hit pieces paid for by Clinton surrogates.

Yesterday, the United States become militarily involved in the Yemeni Civil War; and Iranian warships have now been mobilized to intercept the US navy near the Gulf of Aden.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin issued an urgent warning for all Russian statesmen living abroad to immediately return to Russia with their families. Last week, Russia conducted a 38 million person nuclear war preparedness drill and their government is currently running an ad campaign to advise citizens to familiarize themselves with their local fallout shelter.

This month, Russia will be mobilizing their single aircraft carrier to the Mediterranean Sea, which will be making a brief stop in the English Channel to conduct drills for their air force on the coast of France and the United Kingdom.

Yesterday, the Obama administration announced that the US will be launching a cyber attack on Russia to “humiliate the Kremlin” and is considering conducting air strikes in Syria against the Assad regime; it is important to note that President Putin has explicitly said that this would cross a red line. Unlike our dope smoking empty suit, President Putin takes red lines seriously.

While we were sleeping, the Obama administration has single-handedly escalated this new cold war into an outright conflict between the two greatest nuclear and conventional military powers on the planet. If this threat seems like it came out of a clear blue sky, that’s because it did. For years, Russia has embarrassed and humiliated a weak President unwilling to assert American interests, only now have Obama and Kerry found the courage to stand up to Putin. And what reason might the President have to start a limited conflict with Russia all of a sudden? After all, there is a presidential election only 24 days away!

For 25 years America has fielded a military more powerful than every other nation combined and an economy larger than that of the continent of Europe.

In the conservative vision we could have had peace, wealth, and freedom. In the liberal vision we could have had universal health care, tuition-free university, and racial harmony. Everything and more could have been attempted or realized as American power remains unchallenged for decades to come.

All we had to do was not start a nuclear holocaust. This is the ballot in November. Never mind Trump and Hillary or Red and Blue, in light of recent developments, this election is between the populist reproach with Russia and establishment war with Russia. I hope I’m not being too dogmatic when I say that all other considerations ought to be subordinated to the threat of an apocalyptic nuclear war of all against all.

Of course, there are still people who believe that Trump is the greater threat to the survival of the country — and this is understandable. As an outsider with no experience in government, Trump is a wildcard. Nobody can know for certain how he might govern and in what direction he will lead the nation before the world stage. He could command the respect of foreign leaders and become a pioneer in the restoration of friendly cooperation with Russia; he could work with China to abort rogue states like North Korea, Iran, and Pakistan, and the flames which engulf the world could be extinguished.

Given that Trump is not married to an interventionist or utopian ideology which calls him to invent democracies in the desert or reshape the world order, it’s a good bet that at the very least, things wouldn’t get much worse.

The military industrial complex which commands Congress and the Clinton Foundation couldn’t buy President Trump, and neither could any foreign lobbyists. Therefore, the two known variables with Trump are that he errs on the side of non-intervention and that he will put American interests first, that’s more than can be said about any president since Ronald Reagan.

With Hillary Clinton, we know exactly what we’re getting: The disastrous Iran Deal will become permanent and the Ayatollah will be all but guaranteed a nuclear capability in exactly ten years. The acquisition of a nuclear arsenal by a radical Shi’ite regime will trigger an arms race across the Middle East, probably paving the way for a nuclear Egypt, Turkey, and Syria. It sounds almost like a bad joke: what happens when you give four warring radical Muslim states a nuclear arsenal? Doesn’t take much imagination to figure out the result.

Hostilities with Russia will continue to escalate, where they go beyond here is a mystery that I’m sure nobody is eager to find out.

As Wikileaks continues to put Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency in jeopardy, we can expect that the Clintons and the Democratic establishment will harbor a personal vendetta against President Putin as he continues to be blamed for hacking attacks against the DNC. For the first time in history, a Hatfields and McCoys blood feud will be settled with weapons of mass destruction. Everyone loses.

Hillary Clinton’s declared policy is to implement a no-fly zone over Syria and if elected, she will get her no-fly zone. Vladimir Putin will contest it. A Russian plane will go down, war will be inevitable. This is deadly serious. There is no plan B, the UN can do nothing, no power on earth or beyond can save us when that button gets pressed. Hell will visit earth.

To the most ardent liberals who see in Trump a crazy, sexist, racist, xenophobic authoritarian: We’ve had a madman in the White House; his name was Nixon. We’ve had a misogynist cad in the White House, his name was Clinton. We’ve had a racist in the White House, his name was Wilson. We’ve had a xenophobe in the White House, his name was Teddy Roosevelt. We’ve had a tyrant in the White House, his name was Franklin Roosevelt. We have never had a President prepared to risk a nuclear confrontation over a civil war in the Middle East. If we ever do, God help us. She will surely be our last.

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Nicholas J. Fuentes is a conservative writer and orator from Chicago, Illinois. He is currently studying international relations and political science at Boston University.

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  • mochilero7687

    Obambi has finally found his balls. A bit late in the day, and dangerous for the rest of us. He, of course, will be a mile underground with his family, safe from the fallout caused by his utterly pathetic weakness over the past 8 years.

    • Leah Lax

      Do you think for one moment Obama really cares about his party or Clinton yet alone the American people. What his plan is since he has a secure place in one of the mountains safe place where there is a steel upon steel protection from the radiation he’ll allow Russia to throw nuclear war heads at us and we are going to die. He will live and declare himself dictator to everyone else who didnt die.
      We need to make amends with Russia and work together. The COLD WAR is over. Russia is not a communist country anymore. They learned Communism doesnt work.As afar as Clinton she wont last more then 6 -8 months in office until she will have a major stroke and die.

  • jazzpast

    Our country religious freedom the constitution and rule of law it’s all at stake ! Hillary ROTTEN Clinton is a failure at everything she touches will be horrible for the American people and Christians if she’s elected

  • Samerica

    Russia may not be a communist country anymore but the Demoncrap party is as
    far left anti american progressive Nazi party with the bias media pushing propaganda
    and fake stories and avoiding all the serious issues that Obomba and Hellary and
    the rest of the corruption scandals and failed policies that have destroyed America!
    If Trump loses i have no doubt this election was rigged and he should take it to court!