Martin Shkreli, founder and former CEO of Turing, announced via Twitter last night that his “entire unreleased music collection, including unheard Nirvana, Beatles, and of course, Wu-Tang, comes out, for free.”

While this isn’t the first time a celebrity has offered something for their preferred candidate winning the race, this small offering is definitely going to have some sort of impact on the presidential race this year.

I urge you to retweet the Twitter post by clicking this tweet:

Instantly, it has convinced some to vote that otherwise wouldn’t have. You can see one of the popular replies here:

REGATED is unsure how much Nirvana and Beatles music that has never been heard before that Martin Shkreli owns. However, he paid 2 million dollars for a Wu – Tang clan album that only had one copy sold, according to Bloomberg:

Initially, the Clan wanted to forbid the buyer from publicly releasing the album for 88 years, but over time decided to grant the buyer total freedom as long as the album wasn’t sold commercially. That meant the owner could listen to the record in a soundproof room, drive a pickup truck over it, or release it for free on the Internet. If the owner desired, he could be the only one who ever heard it. In an era where people are happy to stream music rather than actually possess it, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin offered a chance to own something truly unique.

Having participated in bidding wars for companies and drugs, Shkreli says he had a feeling from the start that he’d made the highest offer for Shaolin. As it turned out, he was right. Shkreli won’t say how much he paid. But someone familiar with the deal says that the Wu-Tang Clan sold him the album for $2 million.

Has this convinced you to change who you are voting for? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • disqus_HLLNvo67Mw

    I’ve already filled in the bubble for Trump. What pleases me is that Shkreli appreciates Trump and the Beatles….

  • theGOONIES

    Don’t need to be bribed to vote for trump. I will willingly and quite excitedly do that. But hey……..if that’s what it takes to get the idiots to actually unknowingly make the right decision I’m all for it

  • Samerica

    Never heard of him or care what he thinks and i could care less about hearing his
    ‘rare’ beatles nirvana and wu tang? who the F? guess he doesn’t listen to real rock
    music! Again today all i hear is Trump is behind but it’s Hellarys big behind with
    diapers filled with her crap that i can’t believe is ahead in polls because all i see
    is Trump signs and stickers everywhere and even more today! Trump them all.

  • Kerry Weston

    I voted for Trump in early voting on a paper ballot. Everybody’s voting for Trump without your music. But since you’re offering it, WE WILL BE CLAIMING THAT MUSIC ON NOVEMBER 9TH!!!