Director of Citizens for Trump, Jack Posobiec, posted a scoop on Twitter this evening.

According to Jack, the beltway’s RNC establishment insiders are “livid at Trump today.”

Many Republicans revoked their Trump endorsements after leaked comments about beautiful women and Trump’s attraction to women went public.

It seems they needed to retract Trump endorsements so that Trump would let Mike Pence take the helm.

Always the fighter, Donald Trump stayed atop the ticket and had a great showing the next night at the second presidential debate.

The backlash was quick and immediate from the average Republican supporter.

Speaker Paul Ryan faced an angry crowd at a rally in Wisconsin. Speaker Paul Ryan uninvited Trump to the ‘unity’ themed rally. Shouts of “shame on you” and “you turned your backs on us” erupted from the betrayed crowd.

GOP insiders may have been behind the leak.

The below tweet from Campbell Brown confirms collusion. Campbell Brown is a former CNN and NBC anchor who’s married to Dan Senor, a man whose very face screams “CUCK”.

Dan is a top aide for Paul Ryan. Campbell is an elitist who pushes Vonnegut quotes to her followers justifying her view that ‘Trumpkins’ are deplor- oops — insane.

Her key to a spicy marriage is sabotaging Trump for his enjoyment of loose groupies. CNN and liberals are convinced Trump advocated sexual assault on women, despite him on tape saying “when you’re a star they let you do it.” Apparently women who let men touch them are rape victims.

Reminder: These smug elitists were big losers in 2012 when everyone called them smug elitists.

This explains the eerily orchestrated public disavowal spree from RNC and GOP officials. With so many high-ranking members calling for Trump to drop out, many assumed Donald would succumb to party pressure.

The coup failed because Trump won’t quit.

The only result of this effort was to anger the Republican base against those who gave up on the presidential candidate.

Trump has taken to Twitter to denounce those who called for him to step down.

The fallout is ongoing.

It seems that there is a rift between the GOP leadership and its base in what the party wants. There is a civil war within the party and Donald Trump has popular support on his side. Even if the leadership is against him.

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Shane Rider

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  • mochilero7687

    No one cares about the RNC turncoats except themselves. They are utterly irrelevant to the future of the country after their betrayal. Trump has momentum, Wikileaks will destabilise the Hillarious campaign and cause massive infighting, and the real October surprise has yet to happen. The Depends candidate is beginning to sh*t herself even more! Perhaps another “collapse” for sympathy is on the agenda?

  • Hoss Richard

    House and Congressional Republicans are such are idiots. Trump is not a politician. He doesn’t have ties to anything. He’s used his own money to run the campaign. Why would he drop out? It’s his money and he’s going to get all the bang for his buck he can. Even if he sticks this out to the bitter end and loses, he will still be a winner in the eyes of million of Americans because he called Hillary and the Clintons for exactly what they are. Criminals and liars.

  • Kerry Weston

    These Republicans must be really stupid people. So are these Repub’s saying they prefer a CRIMINAL like Crooked Hillary be elected to the white house instead of Trump just because Trump said something negative about a woman 11 years ago? Nobody cares what he said 11 years ago!! Also, I heard it was Paul Ryan that leaked the “locker talk” from 11 years ago anyway. Paul Ryan’s career has just taken a nose dive! Maybe Paul Ryan can get a job at McDonald’s.

  • Jane

    Just proved to the voters how stupid they are and one more exposure that Trumps candidacy has unveiled. Imagine how far trump would be ahead if the republicans hadn’t tried their hardest since January to destroy him at every turn? They could be having a renaissance of popularity….instead a new party will most likely form leaving theirs in the dust because of their refusal to do anything on illegal immigration and trade imbalances that the people want.

  • Samerica

    It’s amazing how stupid Ryan and others on the right are as they don’t get WE the
    hard working taxpayer have been screwed for years with their promises and they
    did nothing to stop Obombacare and his destructive agenda for 8 years except talk!
    the middle class and low income workers have been destroyed by the last 8 years
    have lost our jobs insurance etc…and can hardly pay for food much less anything
    else and if your lucky to find a job it’s much less pay and health coverage and
    security and they still do nothing but push their same crap! the left is only worried
    about higher taxes, abortions, gays, transgenders, fake climate change garbage!
    There is no party left to support except Trump who can hopefully at least change
    the economy into jobs and bring America back from the destruction of left n right!

    • Connie

      Damn Right. And it’s about time that We The People took back our Country. Trump’s the ONLY ONE who has the Guts to STAND UP FOR WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!

  • Connie

    The Republican Hierarchy continue to shoot themselves in the foot. They are either STUPID OR DON’T GIVE A DAMN. NEWS FLASH!!!! We the People (or in the words of the Politicians, the peons) are the People that matter. A Majority of Americans. Republican and Democrats alike are FED UP withe PHONY DEVIOUS POLITICIANS. TRUMP IS A BREATH OF FRESH AIR TO WE THE PEOPLE. WE THE PATRIOTS!!!!!

  • Paula Kinziger

    They’ll just have to get over them big selves then won’t they. Stay strong Donald, “We The People” are with you.

  • psage

    a vote for trump is a vote for america

  • Mr Mackey

    What does “Devout Catholic” Paul Ryan have to say about Hillary’s team trashing Catholics?

  • steve reid

    Go Trump we the American public are sick of these elitist pricks. They showed their real colors and they are not for the american people. So piss off RNC I will go independent from here on out as all you have done is shown us who you really are.

  • Pickee

    I really hope Trump’s poll numbers turn around but am curious if any polls have looked at Pence vs. Clinton.

  • Bill Riser

    Most polls are using 2012 Obama numbers with d+6. Reuters is using d+17 in current poll to show plus seven in polls not realistic she has less enthusiasm than Obama. Its either even or Trump up by 4. MSM plan is to discouraging Trump not to vote for Trump. Here is a breakdown of how NBC had a 11 point spread they used a Hillary Super Pac to do the polling follow the link: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/10/11/media-polling-fully-exposed-about-that-nbcwsj-clinton-11-point-poll/#more-123009

  • Nov-cubed

    GOP Donors Yank Paul Ryan’s Choke Chain Tight – Tell Speaker To Shut Up & Sit Down