The newest batch of John Podesta emails by Wikileaks leaves no doubt – the emails are the real deal.

This email between Podesta and Eryn Sepp, an office manager for the Center for American Progress, founded by Podesta, contains the (now useless) password and email of Podesta’s AppleID.

REGATED’s own Julian Wan found screenshots, originally circulating on 4chan, where an anonymous user used the information to access Podesta’s Apple account.

According to the user, they used the online functionality in order to wipe his iPhone and iPad.


However, they did more sleuthing in order to gain access to a different Podesta email.


From there, his Twitter account’s password was either contained in plaintext and/or reset now that his secondary email was hacked.

It is another major breach of security for the Clinton campaign. While they continue to spin these leaks and hackings as Russian-based, there is no proof for it.

It does beg the question as to whether the Clinton campaign takes matters of security seriously. While the story of Hillary Clinton’s private email server is well documented, it raises questions as to how the chair of the Clinton campaign can be so lackadaisical with his account security.

As Wikileaks themselves have testified, they have a decade-long record for the veracity of their releases. The early narrative the Clinton campaign tried to spin was that these emails were forgeries.

In the typical manner, they are now blaming Russia for the hacking. Again, with no proof.

Mr. Podesta knew that these emails were legitimate. Five days after the initial batch of Podesta emails were released, Mr. Podesta made no effort to try any damage mitigation.

Never mind the basic lack of information security standard in never sending account information over plain text. The fact that his Apple ID’s information went unchanged after the initial revelation of his emails shows that he and the Clinton campaign do not understand basic security procedures.

When one suspects that they are hacked, they should change all of their passwords and assume all of their information has been breached.

Using easily hackable passwords such as “Runner5678” only further demonstrates how outdated Mrs. Clinton and her team’s ideas on cyber security are.

Basic password managers are free and can easily track and maintain a secure database of different, sophisticated passwords so that the hacking of one account does not immediately impact any other accounts.

The additional fact, as presented by the 4chan poster that Mr. Podesta used the same password for Microsoft Outlook show again a disastrous misunderstanding of security.

If Mr. Podesta’s emails were so easily hackable by such easy methods, what is to say that the infamous 33,000 now-deleted emails of Secretary Clinton’s were not also hacked and archived somewhere?

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