We’re days away from November 8th. James Comey of The Federal Bureau of Investigation has decided to reopen the Clinton email case. What would prompt this so close to election day?

Democrats praised James Comey after he decided not to push for indictment. Liberal mainstream media praised him as an unbiased and solid man. Then eleven days before the election something popped up. James Comey felt it was necessary to alert congress and the American people.

Suddenly, the happy and loving Democrats shifted. Democrats began to trash James Comey after he decided not to wait until after the election. Liberal mainstream media said it conflicts with the election, calling him a Republican plant. If anything this just proves how unbiased and how much of a solid man he is.

Google Trends show what is on voters minds after the FBI reopened the Clinton case.

Google Trends show what is on voters minds after the FBI reopened the Clinton case.

If he were to wait after the election, he’d be called out by the Republicans for not releasing such sensitive information about a political candidate. This conversation can go either ways, but one thing is obvious. If James Comey found anything, it must have been big enough to shake the election.

There are several theories on why this would come out so close to election day.

Investigation into Weiner’s sexting with an underage girl.

It’s possible that the FBI stumbled upon information through the Weiner investigation. This prompted the reboot of the Clinton Email investigation with new information.

FBI trying to cover their reputation due to infighting.

FBI rank and file may have found sufficient evidence to indict Clinton but because James Comey recommended against charges there could have been internal revolt and backlash. It’s possible with the new findings investigators are pushing for a proper indictment.

Preet Bharara and Clinton Foundation Investigation

US Attorney for New York, Preet Bharara is investigating the Clinton Foundation. It’s possible that Bharara and his team stumbled upon classified information. This would force James Comey and the FBI to investigate further.

WikiLeaks and the “Indictment” worthy drop.

WikiLeaks has been hinting at a drop that will “indict Hillary Clinton.” Because these statements are weeks old they may point to a ‘November Surprise’ for this election. The FBI may be acting early to cover their assess. In the event that WikiLeaks does have something indictment-worthy.

What does this mean for the election?

It seems Clinton’s Campaign will lose big league unless they have catastrophic dirt on Donald Trump. Voters don’t want a President who is under investigation by the FBI. Lukewarm Hillary Clinton supporters may not show up to the polls unlike Donald Trump’s army of supporters who will thunderously storm polling locations rain or shine.

Hillary Clinton has a long road ahead of her in gaining the trust of American voters. She only has a couple of days to do that, yikes!

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  • mochilero7687

    It’s good to know Bharara is investigating the utterly crooked operation that is the Clinton Greed Foundation. Now we just need Wikileaks to confirm Comey’s new evidence. There is real hope we will see Hellary in an orange jumpsuit, preferably until she dies!

  • politically incorrect

    Suprisingly enough,most AMERICANS AGREE WITH THIS CONCLUSION AS TO REGARDING THE SIGNIFIGANCE OF THIS EVIDENCE,and the rest of the article is spot on-that’s EXACTLY what is happening,Trump will not get more votes,but people who might have voted for Hillary will just figure it’s a waste of time,{it is},and stay home,we were wrong,this story ISN’T over,and Hillary is in DEEP trouble

  • kidwinona

    Looks like Hillary essentially sh!t herself. Very unfortunate

  • Karenski

    Personally, I think Comey knows Trump is way ahead & is about to win & he’s covering his a#@ because he knows Trey Gowdy will be the next Attorney General & he might not go after him in 2017 if he gets Hillary now. Comey’s term is not over & I think he wants to keep his job until it is. Also, the deputy director’s wife is involved with Hillary. And on top of that, Comey’s agents are speaking anonymously to the press & divulging how Comey stalled Hillary’s investigation & many other things. Many factors came into play with his decision to notify others. It’s getting VERY interesting! I can’t wait to see her in an orange jumpsuit!

  • Beedogz

    100 most damaging WikiLeaks thus far: http://www.mostdamagingwikileaks.com/

  • Jill Pichardo

    I am so glad Putin is picking our president. Thank you Mr. Putin.