Hillary Clinton isn’t so fond of the gay community.

WikiLeaks released thousands of emails that show Hillary Clinton’s true views about Americans. In an email titled “Re: one chain on DOMA (Defense Of Marriage Act)” from 2015 we see that Hillary Clinton’s stance on Gay Marriage hasn’t changed since 2004.

In 2004, Hillary Clinton spoke against gay people and gay marriage. Clinton declared that “Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman.”

In the leaked email Clinton staffers are stuck working around Clinton’s disapproval of gays. They try to tip-toe around the issue without offending the Clintons.

“I think everyone agrees we shouldn’t restate her argument. Question is whether she’s going to agree to explicitly disavow it. And I doubt it.”

“I’m not saying double down or ever say it again. I’m just saying that she’s not going to want to say she was wrong about that, given she and her husband believe it and have repeated it many times. Better to reiterate evolution, opposition to DOMA when court considered it, and forward looking stance. “

Clinton seems confident she has gay voters in her pocket — but that may change.

Many gay voters are realizing the damage she could bring to LGBT communities. An influx of refugees from anti-gay countries is a major conflict with deadly implications for gays. Many refugees share a common value that they should kill gays by throwing them off buildings or executed if outed.

These values arrive with refugees — and they don’t dissipate after time spent in the west. Over half of UK’s Muslim population thinks homosexuality should be illegal.

This reality works to Donald Trump’s advantage. Trump is the only candidate to speak firmly against radical Islamic terrorists. Trump is growing a gay audience at a very important time. The Orlando Terrorist Attack was the worst mass shooting in modern America. As soon as the tragedy occurred, citizens looked toward our leaders to see how they would react.

Donald Trump said the following:

“During his [Obama’s] speech, he gave condolences to the families for the death of their loved ones, but was quick to place the blame for this at the feet of those who support the Second Amendment.”

The issue is that Democrats aren’t discussing the reason this attack took place. Islamic terrorism is on the rise; their anti-gay ideology is killing our citizens and the so-called “gay supporting” Democrats have turned a blind eye.

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  • REKT!

  • JPeron

    Clinton bad, Trump worse.

    • J Chesney

      Wrong! What she wants to do in allowing OPEN BORDERS is catastrophic for this country. In fact it will not BE our country any longer. Trump may be rude, brash and say insensitive things, but being a P*ssy has just about destroyed our foreign relations.

      • epazote

        >>”In fact it will not BE our country any longer”
        It’s not *your* country
        you are squatters, not indigenous to the america’s/western hemisphere
        Proud Rappahannock

        • You Think Yer Better Than Me

          And before your ilk were the red haired giants. You know it’s true.

          • epazote


          • BigGaySteve

            People from the area of France sailed to the new world during the ice age, but when Indians crossed the Alaskan land bridge latter they were in far greater numbers.

          • epazote


        • J Chesney

          Sorry, idiot. It is MY country. Go spout your b.s. to someone who actually cares what you think

          • dannyjude63

            You seem like a sweet, genteel lady of refinement and grace.

          • offthegrid


          • Jœy Røss González

            It is YOUR country. Just like HRC IS the nominee. Your people stole it, and now you think it’s yours. The Mexs that Drumpf wants to keep out were here centuries before your lot showed up. I wI’ll not be supporting either of the two. So, Girl, bye!

            #NeverTrump #NeverHillary #JillStein2016

        • BigGaySteve

          The 3rd world is coming for the wealth created by Western settlers. You can still buy equivalent land as Manhattan for the value of beads, the island was too small to support tribes that needed square miles per person to forage and deep water harbors had a negative value to those with only canoes

          • epazote

            The “wealth created by western settlers” was gained through genocide and theft of indigenous lands. That “wealth” was then harvested by participation in the slave trade.

          • Leslie Gray

            Well said.

          • epazote

            much appreciated

          • Buddhaprince

            WTF kind of BS are you peddling?You can still buy equivalent land as Manhattan for the value of beads, the island was too small to support tribes that needed square miles per person to forage “

      • JohnInCA

        If you’ve listened to Republicans anytime for the past 8 years, you’ve probably heard about how we already lost our country. After all, you can’t “take our country back” if you already have it.

        So I’ll have to beg forgiveness, but right-wing fear mongering on this topic doesn’t concern or persuade me.

    • Taber McLaurin

      What is worse, is douchebags like you that support a lying, filthy traitor like Hillary Clinto. You are DISGUSTING!

      • Rook King

        Did you miss the “Clinton bad” part?

        • Taber McLaurin

          Nope, he claimed Trump is worse, which puts him in her camp!

          • Dina

            Mmkay, that’s absurd. This whole idea of “if you’re not with US, you’re with THEM” is ruining society and individual thought. Very few things are that black and white.

          • JasonLA


          • Rook King

            He is not in her camp if he thinks she is bad. You are stuck in tribal thinking. A lot of people hate both Trump and Hillary. I am one of them.

      • FlCracker2

        Pick your poison…

      • pdubokc

        Taber, I don’t you up there on the podium giving a speech. I don’t know if you are a liar or filthy. Mudslinging people like you are only out to use hate-speech to get what you want because you don’t have the proper education make a cohesive argument about why you prefer one candidate over the other. And if you think I’m disgusting for supporting Hillary Clinton, then so be it. You fill the pages with hate-speech while I try to use logic and facts about why she would make a better President. But, say this with me, because you need to get used to it: THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON! Touché

      • Jœy Røss González
        • shawn_non_anonymous

          Logic fail.

          What you have for lunch isn’t a binary choice like voting for president. A vote for any third party candidate in a swing state is a wasted vote. (But if you live in Texas or California, a vote for a third party candidate will have no impact on that state’s electoral votes. So vote third party if you like.)

    • qthush

      Their both not the best but what is different is trump will do the right thing for the country, clinton will do what she wants for herself. She a criminal, and needs to be in jail.

    • Samerica


      • shawn_non_anonymous

        So he’d a white Republican then? Because that is where most of that money goes. Blue states fund Red states.

    • psage

      troll alert

    • BigGaySteve

      I am glad I don’t need to go to the Home Depot for $5 illegal alien BJs, you will have to pay more

    • shawn_non_anonymous

      I haven’t seen evidence that Clinton is any worse than any other successful politician out there like George Sr and Jr, Reagan, Obama, etc. What I have seen is a concerted effort to hold her to a far higher standard than any other president has been held to before. George W deleted 22 million emails and used a private server…. Crickets. All these manufactured scandals make people think there must be so.ething wrong with her, but so far the most damning thing that has been proven is that her husband cheated–and somehow that is her fault too. Probably because she is a woman.

      • Buddhaprince

        THe Republican hero, Reagan, killed 250 Marines in Lebanon, sent arms to Iran and brought crack cocaine into the USA to support the Contras against DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED DANIEL ORTEGA, who still is in charge.
        José Daniel Ortega – Sandinista National Liberation Front 1,569,287 62.46
        Fabio Gadea Mantilla – Independent Liberal Party 778,889 31.00
        José Arnoldo Alemán Lacayo – Constitutionalist Liberal Party 148,507 5.91
        Reagan was the most demented president who went against our Constitution and most Republicans are devoid of knowledge about his acts against our country. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIA_involvement_in_Contra_cocaine_trafficking

    • leslie365

      Hillary = Trump

  • bear on the peaks

    Clinton the worst.

    • Christopher G. Barnes

      True, until you look at Trump.

  • Bill Cosby

    Finally something I can agree with Hilldog on.

    • BigGaySteve

      Never get on a plane with 50+ women raped by Bill C

  • ChrisDC

    Total garbage. I’ve known her for 23 years.

    • Samerica


    • BigGaySteve

      Why do moslems stone gays to death(with rocks) and mutilate little girls genitals?
      One day moo ham mads oldest wife hit puberty and he realized the gays were right about his Wiley being smaller than what is now cut off little girls.

  • Alti

    Wow, Hillary’s lying truly knows no bounds. She does not support anyone but her and her cronies.

    • shawn_non_anonymous

      Either that or, like most intelligent people, she understands that her personal views shouldn’t always be her policy views. This is how Christians can support freedom of conscience for atheists and even support legal divorce despite the Bible’s prohibition on remarriage (adultery) and non-belief (first commandment.) It takes a high degree of emotional maturity to see that not every personal belief should be shared by everyone, including and especially religious beliefs.

      • BigGaySteve

        HilLIARy took $40 million from nations that execute gays while secretary, and abandoned gay Ambassador Stevens when he sent 600+ requests for more security.

        • shawn_non_anonymous

          Really? Because the Benghazi pool of evidence clearly disputes that. Funding for diplomatic security is a budget item that is set by the House who, against recommendations from the President and Secretary of State, cut that funding several years in a row. Who has a strong majority in the house? Republicans. They cut the funding.

          • AP Mustard

            What policy excuse do you have for her taking millions from Saudi Arabia for her campaign?

          • suchaseattleguy

            proof AP……and no talk of a donation to the CF……that leads no where except to the paranoia of the RW low-informed brain.

        • Razorback

          According to Politifacts, the number is somewhere between10-25 million donated by the Saudis. It seems the CF also has some clause in their contract that allows them to list some donations as anonymous. So the truth may never be known. The question is why would the Saudi’s donate that much money to the CF? Could it be that they’re getting something in return? That said, your statement could be accurate, since you didn’t specifically name any nations.

          • tippycanoe

            What the Saudi’s got in return were multi-billions in military arms contracts to purchase US planes, guns and bombs. Initially negotiated and brokered by you know who. She should be Lockheed Martin’s Salesperson of the Year. The Saudi’s have also bragged about funding 20% of her election campaign.

          • Razorback

            I’m sure that had no impact on FBI director and former Lockheed employee James Comey’s decision not to bring charges against Hillary in her email scandal. Need I say follow the money.

      • Razorback

        Anyone who flips as often as Hillary, has no policies and obviously no morals. She simply says what the polls indicate as popular opinion. I believe it’s called being politically correct. We don’t need a president who strives to always be politically correct. She may be a good politician, but that’s as far as it goes. We do need someone with convictions and the desire to act on them. Wishy washy Hillary doesn’t meet the standard.

        • shawn_non_anonymous

          Aside from being voted among the top 100 lawyers in American early in her career and her efforts in the governors mansion, the White House, as Secretary of State, and running a foundation that supplied necessary medicines to about half the world’s HIV sufferers, you mean? Yeah, she flipped on gay marriage and she flipped on trade pacts. But she’s forgiven for the first one because of her husband’s long and clear support for LGBT rights. The second one is new–we’ll see how that plays out. You got more than those two? Because twice isn’t all that often.

          • Razorback

            This is just one site that lists a few of her more recent flips. I believe they have listed 22 issues that she has flipped on. Perhaps the most egregious was her and Obama’s arms sale to Libya through Qatar, which we now know wound up in the hands of ISIS. How much evidence does one require to see the pattern? If the gay marriage ruling is ever reversed, I guarantee you that she will do a back flip. She’s made a living lying to the voters and I can’t see any changes in her methods. She invented political correctness. http://ijr.com/2015/10/444949-20-times-hillary-flip-flopped-major-issues-hurt-2016-presidential-campaign/

          • shawn_non_anonymous

            Thanks for this. It’s helpful. Note that this is an RNC-constructed list so it is not fact-checked or even reality-checked.

            I don’t think all of these are fair. (But they do add a few to my list that I think are fair.) For example, Any opinion she held as an independent politician versus any opinion she held as the Secretary of State cannot qualify as a “flip.” She had a boss then, the President, and was part of his administration and was expected to endorse his policies in public.

            Voting against a reduction of sanctions on Cuba as a Senator and then, over a decade later with a lot of changes in US/Cuba relations, voting to normalize relations with Cuba is not a real “flip.” In fact, if she hadn’t adjusted her position on Cuba given Cuba’s own adjustments towards us, I’d think less of her. What was the point of sanctions against Cuba if not to get them to change, and once they change, then what?

            She did not invent political correctness.

  • laurafrzr

    This is old news. I don’t give two shits what she thinks privately. What matters is policy decisions. For example, many politicians, such as her running mate, privately feel that abortion is wrong, but they uphold a woman’s right to choose. Anyhow, this is no secret. She’s been quite transparent about this and publicly addressed her past stance on gay marriage. In more recent years, she’s joined the fight to make it legal. She will also nominate a Supreme Court justice that will uphold this law. Donald Trump will appoint a justice that will overturn it.

    • You Think Yer Better Than Me

      Burn another fattie, you can’t trust a word from that Borg Witch’s mouth, creampuff.

      • laurafrzr

        Oh I definitely will sweetheart. And your use of 1950s insults is truely adorable. You little skallywag.

        • Commander Pepe Clinton Smasher


    • Chris Simoninci

      unless it’s about a Republican than you want to talk it to death hypocrite.

      • laurafrzr

        What are you talking about?

    • BigGaySteve

      I will bake my own cakke if TRUMP keeps mass murdering moslems out of gay bar bathrooms.

      • laurafrzr

        Good for you! I’m terrible at baking cakes.

    • pdubokc

      Apparently you are not an attorney because, if you were, you would know that our Supreme Court operates under a method called “stare decisis”. The Supremes just don’t go back and “overturn” willy-nilly. I might suggest you google “stare decisis” and it will explain it so you can understand why abortion and gay marriage are here to stay. People in the 60s wanted to overturn Loving v. Virginia (388 U.S. 1) in which interracial marriage was declared constitutional. See, this is the pattern of “stare decisis.” Does anyone EVER crack open a history book anymore or just spout hateful words and rhetoric? I wonder.

      • JohnInCA

        And if you were an attorney or student of history, you’d know that just because something isn’t done willy-nilly, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

        As for abortion, you do know that Roe v. Wade has been systematically chipped away-at for the past what, thirty, almost fourty years? The judges may not have found a way to overturn Roe v. Wade in it’s entirety, but they keep broadening how close a state can get.

      • laurafrzr

        I am well aware of how it works, I just thought I could skip the deep explanation, so in response to your mansplaining: It is possible that the next president could end up appointing up to three justices due to their ages and one vacancy. These justices could decide that Roe v Wade was wrongly decided and thus overturn it. Or a previous ruling can be overturned by a new ruling. That is the hope of Hillary Clinton in regards to Citizens United v SEC which overturned the McConnell v SEC ruling. Supreme Court rulings have been overturned by newer rulings nearly 100 times in our history. It is unlikely that Roe v Wade would be overturned, but Obergefell v Hodges, which overturned DOMA is definitely at risk. Does anyone EVER crack open a history book anymore?

    • Trump have the right to reverse the court decision,because Obama did not defend it in court,which is wrong.He took the oath of office to defend all the laws of the land,not to pick and choose.He set a bad precedence,because another President can undo what he did.Also,you cannot legislate what goes against the law of nature.Anus is not designed or evolved to be used as a sex organ.It is designed to excrete waste out of the body.Xomprede?

      • laurafrzr

        I have no idea what you’re talking about either. Us real words and a space bar please.

  • You Think Yer Better Than Me

    To quote Charles Bukowski: It’s not that I hate the Clintons. I just feel better when they’re not around.

    • me

      I would pay for tickets to the trial for treason and the execution

      • leslie365

        LOL So would I

      • Razorback

        LOL! You gotta know she’d bribe the judge. That how she’s gotten this far.

    • leslie365

      Exactly. I will be voting green.

  • Dina

    I just read the email chain and it wasn’t about Clinton’s “disapproval of gays.” It was about her claim that DOMA was necessary at the time it was passed in order to prevent a constitutional ammendment against gay marriage that was suppossedly imminent. It wasn’t–no one starting talking about a constitutional ammendment until years later. Regardless, that’s the thing she and Bill believe that’s being referenced here that her staffers are trying to figure out how to walk back.

    This is very biased reporting, and I don’t even like Hillary. Don’t trust everything you read.

    • ex mcgee

      true , I didn’t get that from this article either. Very sloppy , biased article . And I dislike C even more than you do.lol

      • Basalat Raja

        There’s a lot of mis-information from the Clinton camp itself, trying to make outlandish claims from the wikileaks as an attempt to discredit them.

        • Dina

          Would you clarify your comment for me? Are you saying that the Clinton camp is spreading misinformation to try to discredit wikileaks? Or the other way around?
          Thanks 🙂

          • Jane Doe

            I think the simple way to put it is that the Clinton camp is lying. They have said a lot and it’s in the emails. They are trying to blame the email leak on Russia, and also trying to say that the emails “may or may not be credible”. It’s all there, and they said it. Her position is that she doesn’t believe in gay marriage. Remember, she has a public position and a private one…

          • Dina

            We still don’t know what her private beliefs on gay marriage are, based on emails or otherwise. The initial claims that the hacks came from Russia are from US intelligence agencies, not the Clinton campaign themselves. The “may or may not be true” bit is almost certainly bs campaign spin to maintain plausible deniability, but we can’t really know for sure if anything was doctored.

          • Jane Doe

            Say what you will, but we know she is filled with hate, and has a public / private position. Those emails don’t lie; neither do her actions…

          • Dina

            But are you talking about these emails that this article is referring to? Or are there other emails that are evidence of her being filled with hate? My only point, initially, was that these emails are not about what this article claims they are about. These emails (the ones linked to in this article) aren’t evidence of hatred. If you have other emails or whatever to point to, please share.

            As I’ve said, I don’t like Clinton. I’m not excited for her to be president. I just can’t get behind misinformation.

          • Jane Doe

            I understand. I was speaking to the whole of the situation, not just these particular emails but rather what we know publicly about all of it…

          • Sabrina Stewart Ellison

            True plus she wanted to take our guns. She had the supreme court judge murdered. Her and Obama. They planned our disarming us and the Muslims are planning on taking our country from us.

          • Lexington Goyle

            Actually we got the assault weapons ban of 1994 when she and Bill took office. Sooooooo yeah that was in essence chipping away at our 2nd Amendment rights because a gun looked too scary for someone despite the fact they were standard semi-automatic rifles that happened to look similar to the M16.

          • Sabrina Stewart Ellison

            She has said publicly when bill was running she is against gay marriage. It’s no big secret. She has flip flopped on every issue to get votes. She didn’t plan on doing anything she said. She was for a wall back when her husband was going to build one. Obama said that he was going to build a wall. No wall yet.

    • BigGaySteve

      Totally overstated most gays say worse things about Christians who won’t bake them cakes than they did about the afghani moslem that shoot 100+. Even in Orlando right after Pulse a lesbian Hispanic activist interviewed on the show Gaycation said worse things about the hospital that saved lives than the moslem mass murderer.

      • Dina

        This has nothing to do with anything I said or this article. I think everyone agrees the man who shot up Pulse was a POS. He’s dead now. Idk why you think people should talk more about the dead POS than about their own friends and family who were dead, dying and injured…
        But seriously, what does this have to do with DOMA or Clinton or anything??

    • Bruce Brown

      Well said

    • Razorback

      I think you should read it again. It compares her stance on gay marriage to her beliefs on evolution, and her opposition to DOMA. Her opposition to gay marriage is widely known. She changed abruptly in 2013 when the supreme court ruled on it. I’m sure she also flipped on DOMA as well. It’s called being politically correct. With Hillary it’s always about what makes her look best in the eyes of the voters.

      • Dina

        Nah, it specifically referred to comments made on Friday Oct 23, 2015 on the Rachel Maddow Show. The “evolution” bit is a reference to her position on marriage which she has stated has “evolved.” It doesn’t have to do with a “flipped” position on marriage itself. It is referring to the revisionist history she and Bill have presented to explain why he signed and supported DOMA–their claim is that it was necessary to prevent a federal constitutional amendment against gay marriage. There is no evidence to support there was any threat of a constitutional amendment at the time, which is why this email chain of staffers trying to figure out how to do damage control exists. It is definitely a chain about how to spin this in the best light (for the eyes of the voters), but it’s not about what this article purports it to be.

        • Razorback

          She flipped on gay marriage in early 2013. immediately after the supreme court ruled on it. Later in an interview when confronted, she became very angry and totally denied ever having said that she was against gay marriage. Not very smart of her when she was on record many times saying that marriage should be between a man and woman. I have to believe that views haven’t changed at all. She flips with wind, in order to be politically correct, and will lie when necessary. That’s why I can’t trust anything she says.

          • Dina

            I /know/ about her position on gay marriage. This email chain is about one specific thing–her comments on DOMA (and how to deal with them). That’s it.

            I’d love to see this interview where she denies she ever said she was against gay marriage. I definitely think she’s smarter than that, so I’d have to see it to believe it.

          • Razorback

            Now that you mention it, I believe she also flipped on DOMA. It’s hard to find something she hasn’t flipped on. Her timing on her flips are usually right around the time the issue is ruled on in court. By flipping she maintains her political correctness. She obviously believes that the people are too stupid to notice. It seems the original interview has mysteriously disappeared from Youtube, but here’s an audio clip of that part of the interview. The interview is from NPR radio NYC with Terry Gross. Notice that she was asked if she had changed her mind, she wouldn’t say yes. By not doing so, she implies that she has always believed in gay marriage. I have no idea, but I suspect Ms. Gross may be a conservative, because no one in the liberal media would ever question Hillary Clinton as she did.

          • David Rohrig

            she did say it. I saw the video as well. But I think Hillary is intelligent enough for this to be a non-issue. even if she personally doesn’t like gays it wouldn’t help her agenda to mess with them.

          • Dina

            We’re apparently talking about a radio interview, of there’s a video of her saying she was never against gay marriage Id love to see it! But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist.

          • Razorback

            Here’s the audio clip. Listen very carefully. This is political speak. She first states that her beliefs have evolved on the issue; Then near the end, when asked if she had changed her mind, she gave an emphatic no, no. So which is it? Evolved or no, no? She either changed her mind or she’s lying, or it may be that she doesn’t know the meaning of the word evolved. One definition is to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. Another is to give off gas or heat. You decide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgIe2GKudYY

          • Razorback

            I should’ve stated that this is from National Public Radio in New York
            The interviewer is Terry Cross on her show, Fresh Air.

          • Dina

            She wasn’t saying she had never changed her position and certainly didn’t say she had never said she was against it. Terry Gross was trying to get her to say that she had privately believed in gay marriage for some time, but wasn’t able to publicly support it until public opinion changed. Clinton believed that Terry Gross was trying to get her to say that she actually opposed gay marriage and only supports it because it is the right move politically. Clinton’s answer to both of those was “No, that’s not what happened. My views evolved, and I now support gay marriage (unlike before)” Clinton does have a talent for “political speak,” as in rambling answers that sound decent and don’t answer the question. I appreciate Terry Gross for calling her out on that.

          • ImaginaryCanary

            She supports human rights HAH!!! Ask the people of Haiti still living in tents think she supports human rights. They introduced Cholera to Haiti…this woman would line every gay person in America and spit in their face if it could garner power and the almighty dollar!!!! Please see what Bill Maher says about Islam being able to integrate into western culture…there will be no melting…there will only be more deaths like Orlando, and since main stream media only announced that the Chelsea was a failed attempt….they didn’t point out it is a largely gay community!!!! She is an evil hypocrite!!!

          • Sabrina Stewart Ellison

            She is for shaira law so that right there shows you she couldnt careless about anyone unless they can help her get rich. Look how many have died because they we’re about to testify against her. The latest was an fbi agent and his wife found shot and home burned. They say he shot his wife set the fire and then shot himself. It was FBI that was in charge of reading the emails. How many is that now?

          • Lexington Goyle

            Just… doesn’t count when someone’s views evolve when there’s a political gain for them in doing so.

          • Tom Robbins

            She goes anyway the wind blows, as long as it keeps her in power – plain and simple.. I mean common, what can any of us here say she stands for? God I miss RR… May he rest in peace. “They all do it” is not good enough for the American people – they must stuff their private feelings and serve the good of the nation, period. Hard choices she won’t be able to make, as she showed with Benghazi, with a midterm coming up it was more important to give a cover story than care about dead US personnel and soldiers.. she sickens me as she would “eat her own young” to stay in power. What does she really stand for? Nobody knows!!!

          • Sabrina Stewart Ellison


      • Dina

        To be clear, I know full well what her position on gay marriage was and when. And it’s one of the (many) reasons I didn’t vote for her in the primaries. I think its a valid criticism, absolutely. We will probably never know what her actual personal feelings are on gay people or gay rights. We CERTAINLY don’t know today, though, because this email thread had nothing to do with her personal feelings on anything except perhaps that she believes (probably baselessly) that DOMA was a necessary political concession at the time in order to prevent a constitutional amendment.

        • Jantavious

          Thank you for correcting the record

      • Tom Robbins

        Absolutely – she said years earlier in a SPEECH that marriage should be between a man and a woman, was the cornerstone of our civilization, etc. etc. anything to get votes, that’s the bottom line, no stance on anything – GOD I miss RR

      • Sabrina Stewart Ellison

        Yes that’s hitlery.

    • m2plaid

      Proof positive. She does have the gay community in her pocket after all.
      To coin a phrase: eyes wide shut.

      • Dina

        Interesting perspective. What is it about my reading comprehension and ability to fact check that gives you the impression that the gay community is in Hillary Clinton’s pocket?

    • ex mcgee

      A constitutional Amendment to curtail a civil right. Wow, the hubris is strong in this country….

    • Lexington Goyle

      If that were true and they were working to defend same sex marriage from being banned by an Amendment via passing DOMA.. that’s an interesting way to go about it… ban it at the federal level and then in 2004 long after they’re out of the white house still support traditional marriage only.

  • Doodlee Pigvirus

    she’s overestimating QUILTBAG support. most of the gays i know were Berners and are now voting for Stein.

    • BigGaySteve

      All the old bitter queens stand with HERpes just like the PULSE shooters daddy.

    • pdubokc

      Well, I’m gay and I have ALWAYS supported her and only her for this election. THE GOPN is an embarrassment to our OUTSTANDING Country and he is in no position to understand how it works. For 2 nights he said, “I am gonna to do THIS” or “I am going to do THAT.” Apparently he has forgotten we have a tricameral system of government? He is embarrassingly plodding along thinking it’s ok to grab a woman’s p*****. Disgraceful. And to down play that to “locker room banter”!@, HA! He repeatedly told Howard Stern he had sex with MANY of the contestants and also multiple partners at the same time. He said, “I own these pageants and I can do what I like.” Do you want this man to have the nuclear launch codes anywhere near him?

      • leslie365

        Well I’m bisexual and I am not voting for. I am voting for Jill Stein. She’s no better than Trump. Hillary is a bought and paid, lying/cheating, (corporate war monger). I could never vote for someone who takes money from country leaders who kill their citizens just because they are LGBTQ.

      • Doodlee Pigvirus

        considering Hillary’s record of warmongering and her penchant for smearing/antagonizing Russia every chance she gets, i don’t think it matters which of these monsters gets into office. a vote for either is support for certain war and our efforts are better directed toward plumping up our 3rd parties so we can rid ourselves of the “lesser” evil voting nightmare we go through every 4 years.

    • leslie365

      Same here. Jill Stein is the best choice

  • Ivan Pere

    this bitch is pure evil why doesn’t anyone see through her bull

  • Samerica

    The crap coming out of this old corrupt lying stealing cheating hippocrite hag’s mouth
    smells worse than the crap in the diapers she wears under those pants suits.
    like most left wing progressives they are all hippocrites! do i say not as i do! the
    rich connected liberals push their phony agenda but don’t have to live with the
    damage it does and the poor and blacks and illegals who live off the taxpayer
    without having to work don’t want to give up their freebies! TRUMP EM ALL.

  • Che Enrique Munoz Ramirez

    It’s not that private. Everyone knew she did not support marriage equality, at first. She made a big thing years after when she publically stated that she now does. LGBT community will still overwhelmingly vote for her. Surely it’s a political move in part, but at the same time she has supported equality rights with the sincerity that the community has been paying very close attention.

    Trump still won’t get the support from “the gays” that suppose to love him because he always supported “the gays”… Yup, even after going to all those anti marriage equality rallies. But nope, nothing to worry about. “The gays” are still gonna vote for him. Apparently.

    • Batman’s Chick

      I think you’re wrong on that one. He’s has been quite friendly with the gay community for a long time….. Do a little research. He won’t overturn gay marriage….. There are far more important issues to deal with…… The economy, trade, illegal immigration, stemming the influx of Muslim refugees, who think it’s ok to toss gays off of roof tops…..


      • BigGaySteve

        Most gays still believe the Soros paid cheerleader lies that STR8 White Church Going Christian Men, STR8WCGCM for short, are worse than moslems & that only bigots don’t want more moslems imported directly onto welfare.
        They think the cowardly moslems will fight the gun owning conservatives instead of seeking easy prey in gay bar bath rooms. The hospital that gave free care to PULSE victims had more scorn spewed at it by activists than the moslem that shoot 100+.

      • shawn_non_anonymous

        As “a gay”, I can assure you, we aren’t voting for him. Seriously, if he had any gay friends at all, he’d be using a better color for his spray tan and his hair wouldn’t look like a rabid ferret. His opinions on women are enough to turn Teh Gays off like a switch. The man is toxic.

        • Batman’s Chick

          But Hillz is ALL for women, right? That is, unless they’ve been raped, assaulted, exploited or ogled by Barfly Bill….. Then they’re just bimbos, right?
          She herself said that all women who have been sexually assaulted should be believed….. But then scrubbed her website of that statement when she was called out on it…. Yeah…. She’s a real champion of women. Hillary is a champion of Hillary. She is intent on selling gays out to muslims. You, know…., the ones who think Homosexuality should be ILLEGAL and gays should be jailed or executed. Just more delusions by a leftist. Hopefully, you awake from your mental cloud before you find yourself on that 8 story roof, about to take that head first plunge……

        • Libertas

          “we”? so you speak for all gays, like hillary speaks for all women? obama speaks for all “people of color”?

          Thats why I’m voting Trump. I don’t believe in labels, classifications, or partisan stereotypes and clinton is just more of that devisive rhetoric, it’s played out.

          • shawn_non_anonymous

            You don’t see the irony in what you’ve written?

          • suchaseattleguy

            You just labeled yourself as a racist, misogynist, lowly informed, sexual predator, tax evading idiot….

          • Daniel Barker

            Thank you! Last time I checked just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I want, or like, to be lumped in with all “the gays”. I’m one of those that can speak my own mind, have my own thoughts and hate being told I HAVE TO vote for Killary because she’s “for the gays”. She’s only “for the gays” for her political career. Once her career is over, which should be soon looking at her track record of holding a position, she’ll jump off that bandwagon faster than a frat boy claims it’s “only his first time dude” and he’s really not gay.

    • BigGaySteve

      The advocate magazine supporting him 15 years ago has no value today, most gays are more afraid of not having cakes baked for them than they are getting shot by a mad moslem in a gay bar bathroom.

      • suchaseattleguy

        You’re an idiot and I suspect a troll masquerading as a self-loathing faggot.

        • Daniel Barker

          Show some class; the derogatory term isn’t needed.

          • suchaseattleguy

            Read his nonsense which goes on and on and class is not what defines this group. Deplorables.

  • Shootfire

    Huh? This article makes no sense. It quotes some random email referring to her position on LGBTs back in the 90s. The emails are her staffers referring to her comments from the 1990s. Not current day. Not a Hillary supporter here, just someone who hates false and misleading articles.

    • Dina

      The article is misleading, but the email doesn’t refer to her position in the 90s. It refers to her 2015 claim that DOMA was necessary at the time it was passed in order to prevent a constitutional ammendment against gay marriage that was suppossedly imminent. Her claim was false, but nothing about this email chain reveals her true thoughts on gay people or gay marriage.

      • shawn_non_anonymous

        Any evidence that her claim is false? I very much remember that discussion in the press at that time. I remember Bill attempting to kill the military ban on gays serving right after taking office. I had just left the military and finished my undergraduate and thought about going back in now that the ban would be lifted. The political fight was fierce and Bill compromised down to DADT, which kept the ban but at least got the military to recognize that gay men and women were already serving. Again, any evidence you have that co tradicts this is welcome.

        • Dina

          Your account of DADT sounds accurate, but Clinton’s statement was about DOMA. I suppose it’s not provably false, but there isn’t any evidence to support her claim in public or congressional record (which includes senators and representatives explaining their vote). No one proposed or publicly acknowledged the possibility of a constitutional ammendment against gay marriage until after Bush was in office.

          • shawn_non_anonymous

            There’s a good summary of this here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defense_of_Marriage_Act down in the Role of Bill Clinton section.

            Note Evan Wolfson’s comment (which mirrors your own) and also the following paragraph, which talks about Hawaii and its 1996 constitutional amendment. Just because there was talk of state constitutional amendment at that time doesn’t mean anyone brought up Federal.

            At this point, I’ll concede that you’re correct. I could not find good evidence from the mid-90s, just 2009 and 2013 articles that could be “revisionist” as Evan Wolfson claims.

  • Elle

    Wikileaks is tapping into our systems clearly to tamper with U.S. elections process. Julian Assange has gotten away with far too much. Some of the emails were found to have been altered. Hillary is getting blamed for all sorts of nonsense. Julian should be in prison. He’s no hero.

  • Hugh1

    Trump’s personal support for gays is tempeed by his promised SCOTUS picks, most of whom are virulently anti-gay.

  • Porkie

    And Donald Trump is PUBLICLY against Gay people and Gay marriage.

    • Hugh1

      Thanks for the clarificatoon, he is losing so tnat’s not likely to be an issue.

      • Porkie

        Fingers crossed.

    • BigGaySteve

      Someone better go tell the Advocate who gave a positive interview of him 15 years ago. Check up TWINKS4TRUMP, and Pink Pistols.

      • Porkie

        LOL Is this the same Advocate who declared Pope Francis their person of the year in 2016?

  • Tito

    Did any of the Clinton haters actually read the email chain? It appears not. This article is a bunch of BS and nowhere does the email discussion about DOMA even come close to this articles headline. And no I’m not a fan of Clinton’s I’mean just a fan of real stories with facts and actual journalism involved. Pretty funny though how people get outraged and start throwing their two cents in about something that isn’t even real.

  • Gayle Coleman

    I think this was.already established, that she was not in favor of gay marriage. Unlike the Trump “pussy grab” tape which was just released. I will not be voting for either of them. BUT, to me, Donald being unable to comprehend what sexual assault. Is bothers me more than Hillary’s personal beliefs about gay marriage.

  • This is a horribly written article. Just based on the the details within the article itself I immediately came to realize that it should in no way be taken seriously.

    The journalist is a hack, and this “news” site has no sense of proper editorial content.

    There is no reason why I should take to heart anything from this shabbily written article.

  • shawn_non_anonymous

    Just a quick note: if you scroll down and look at the other REGATED articles, you’ll see that this is just another “news” blog like Breitbart–all spin no fact.

  • Seth Scholz

    You lost me when you expected me to believe a guy who claims allegience to two rival terrorist groups shot up a club for Islam. This article started out credibly to me, but then defended Trump as this ideal leader for gays when he, even as recently as 2011, has shown unwillingness to defend their right to marry.

    Psh, guess that’s news nowadays. Can’t find a single piece of media that isn’t biased towards one or the other.

  • John Mertz

    Geez. Lots of unpersuasive wild claims using gerrymandered proofs. So, gays and straights should flock to Trump because Hillary once supported DOMA. Get a clue. Most Americans alive were taught being gay was wrong. Even gays once believed it. That we have over come this prejudice did not come from backing Republicans in position of power, or from conservative Supreme Court justices.

  • me

    I find this interesting since the biggest secret on the hill is

    Hillary prefers women over men

    it is why she doesn’t care if bill sleeps with other women as long as he does not touch her.

    I received this information from a ex secret service agent

  • Libertas

    I’ve been an independent and usually vote democrat for president, once for LP, especially with the likes of Romney, McCain, Bush, etc. being put up by the GOP.

    First, I saw Peter Thiel at the RNC convention, he was nervous but delivered a great speech about being an American.

    When I heard Trump say, “LGBTQ+” at his acceptance speech, I thought the GOP would rush the stage and knife him like Ceasar or something. Instead the crowd cheered(many of the old GOP didn’t even attend).

    Now I see the old GOP aligning themselves with Clinton and the old DNC, all have knives in hand. Trump had a tv show for 14 seasons…and I’m supposed to believe he’s a closet KKK grand wizard that hates gay, black, women, latino, and every special interest group that has a vested financial interest in holding up the old DNC?

    IMO, the Democrats are the new GOP and the GOP is transforming into a Libertarian-Democrat party that supports republicanism(small R).

    I suspect thats why they hate him, really really hate him, he’s uniting Americans, and pushing the corrupt together. I’m tired of the “bipartisan consensus”, to me thats code word for corruption.

    I’ll be voting for Trump simply because “they” hate him. They’re doing him a favor by consolidating together. It made the choice that much clearer, and easier, at least for me. Try not to get too caught up in the 1990s era of identity politics, it’s not healthy.


  • Michael Javert

    Nope. All the gays I know are stuck on stupid and still voting for the vile bitch because ” We can’t let trump win” as if this is some game. They shouldn’t be allowed to vote, because clearly they are uneducated. Trump is just a male version of hillary, plain an simple. When someone like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are running too, and all you see his trump and hillary, then you are, in fact, too profoundly stupid to vote, and shouldn’t be allowed to do so, because you’re not educated in the issues. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/465037e8da514d8c996950cee7f03849bcc4443cb728f8ad814a8cbd50e431b8.jpg

    • JohnInCA

      Ah, the old “the uneducated shouldn’t vote” line.

      The problem with it is this: who gets to decide who’s educated? And how do they make their determination? And even if you can find someone you trust for that post, how comfortable are you knowing that the post will, at some point, be filled by someone else?

      And before you answer, you should educate yourself on past attempts in America to restrict the vote, often in the name of making sure that only properly “educated” folk could vote.

      It’s an appealing notion for obvious reasons, but deeply problematic in practice.

    • leslie365

      @michaeljavert:disqus I will be voting for Jill Stein

  • BTampa

    If you haven’t figured it out already, let me shine a light on what is happening.

    Democrats realize you are only 2-4% of the population. They’ve used you to break down traditional values and mores and now your usefulness is at an end. They see far more future utility in Muslims, whose percentage of the population can easily be grown beyond yours – and that’s exactly what they intend to do.

    They are in the process now of trading you in on a newer shinier tool and when the Muslims start murdering you wholesale, you can expect them to look the other way and not take an interest.

    Welcome to Realpolitik.

  • JohnInCA

    Every scientific poll and survey I’ve seen on the topic has Trump getting even less of the gay vote then McCain and Romney (which was already in the 20s). So the assertion that this is going to hurt Clinton is kinda curiuos.

    That said, why should I care what Clinton “really” feels? Her actions are what matters. And she would, at the worst, maintain the status quo. Trump on the other hand would, at the best, maintain the status quo. That Clinton might “really” be a homophobe is no more relevant then hearing, after-the-fact, that Ken Mehlman was gay all along or that George Bush was fine with gay people. Actions matter.

  • Obama who took the oathbof office to defend the laws of the land,did not defend DOMA in court.That is dereliction of duty in there.Homosexuality goes against natural law also it is opposite that attracts

    • Daniel Barker

      “Goes against natural law”??? And who died and made you God?

  • leslie365

    The way her and her husband fought for DOMA (and other bad laws that was passed SMH I will never forget that) I was never going to vote for her anyway. I can forgive but I cannot forget. I will be voting for Jill Stein

  • Bruce Brown

    Clearly Wikileaks has been bought and paid for by Donald Trump. I wouldnt believe a word they say. Assange is not exactly a character who exudes ethics.

  • These leaked emails are BS.. Not to mention hacked emails can be edited and manipulated in many ways!

  • Leslie Gray

    I’ve had several cups of coffee so far today. I think I need to go to the “office” and write a better article than this was on that convenient roll of note paper next to the best seat in the house. Something about yellow…

    • HopScot

      You should buy (or steal) a wig. Bald just emphasizes you are not a woman.

      • Leslie Gray

        I have my mother’s hair line, thank you very much. I see that in addition to a lack of conviction to stand by the remarks you make, thus your need to hide behind anonymity with a fake name, you also have nothing of any consequence to add to this conversation.

  • Rekt

    I don’t think this “blatant propaganda” will work on the LGBT community. Because if they *feel* that Hillary only has good intentions AND that she will live up to that personal fantasy, then this is just lies designed to smear her and further Hitler/Trumps race to the White House.

    Reason has never worked with them before, why should this be any different. The msm doesn’t cover the leaks anyway. They’re too busy with totem flies, “locker room banter” and unicorns.

  • UMac40

    Super right wing website posts “article” about a rapist who releases phony e-mails, crowd goes wild.

  • Glenn Bell

    NOTICE: For all you Democrats who want to do the best thing for this country, but are afraid: Admit it…..Trump may be a bit outlandish, a tell-it-like-it-is guy, but no doubt will do everything within his power to get our economy moving again. More jobs for you, children, and grandchildren… This TWIT Hillary could no more fix our economy than she could fly to the moon. How could she? She has promised to follow the lead of Obama in more government regulation, the preservation of Obamacare, and keeping drastic limits on our Energy production.. Ask yourself these questions: “Why exactly do I support continuous lies to the American people via Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Socialist party? Why do I support a 1.5% GDP year after year? Why do I support millions of Americans losing their jobs as well as thousands of companies moving out of America? Why do I support deteriorating race relations and cities? Why do I support more and more Muslims being brought into this country to add to the debt hanging over your children and/or grandchildren? Why am I willing to risk my offspring being blown up or shot up in a mall? Why don’t you support the rule of Law, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights? Do yourselves a favor: if you must, bash Trump to your friends, but in the voting booth…VOTE FOR TRUMP…….once out of the booth… Trash Trump if you must. Do it for yourselves, your children and grandchildren. https://www.facebook.com/JohnWoodPM/posts/1396213417063076

  • Christopher G. Barnes

    This website was created in May of 2016 by an anonymous entity from Australia. Go to whois.com look up regated.com and click “whois”. This site screams fake to me.

  • tippycanoe

    The Orlando shooter claimed multiple times that his motivation was retribution for US foreign policy and the bombing & wars on innocent civilians in ME countries. But nobody in the media wanted to talk about that. I guess they think “American Exceptionalism” makes foreign civilian deaths okay because the media seemed kind of baffled at the time to find the motivation, even though the shooter stated it quite clearly.

  • wayne

    Personally, I am against gun ownership. Yet I honor the 2nd amendment of the Constitution and will not impinge upon it. Apparently Clinton has the same feelings about the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses. To me, this demonstrates respect for the US Constitution and the rights protected by it.

    • jackson

      T urd
      P ssy

  • Ex social worker

    She thought Nancy and Ronnie were AIDS “champions”. Her had is completely up her ass when it comes to LGBT issues and always has been. I don’t like her, her slime bag husband or the Orange Idiot running against her. They have the sexual morals of feral cats. All of them. They, and straight people have made marriage and morals a joke. I’m voting for her this time, but I doubt I will in 4 years

  • Curtis Pullin

    Republicans make a pathetically weak argument to those of us in the gay community when they say they will protect us from jihadists. Guess what? We already know how to deal with religious extremists because of the fundamentalist Christians that make up the Republican base.

    • Grandhuff

      Not NEARLY the same thing!

      • Curtis Pullin

        There are ministers who call for our death–witness Reverend Steve Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Arizona.

  • You guys keep trying to say things like “Hillary Clinton believes…” The bottom line is that Hillary Clinton is an advocate for what’s right and changes her position as the discussion evolves. You want someone who WILL DO WHAT’S RIGHT. You don’t need a faith healer. You need an advocate.

  • to_tell_the_truth

    It isn’t 2004 anymore.

  • givemethemic

    This is typical of Clinton and her camp trying to figure out who she should be today.

  • disqus_e3b0l4oMNS

    Wow… talk about taking quotes out of context. What kind of shoddy reporting is this?

  • John Montysko

    She will bend any position she has on any issue. to get elected. When it comes to the Clintons it is all about power and money.

  • Steeltown Jim

    We know how Hillary feels about gay folks. In testimony from her gay nephew. http://www.advocate.com/election/2016/10/14/hillarys-gay-nephew-aunt-hillary-helped-me-come-out

    And we know how Donald Trump feels. From gay man / rights advocate George Takei. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/george-takei-donald-trump-attended-805926

  • Leonard Wayne

    Things that I trust more than, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie

    Sanders and most democrats:

    * Mexican tap water

    * A rattlesnake with a “pet me” sign

    * OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection

    * An elevator ride with Ray Rice

    * Taking pills offered by Bill Cosby

    * Michael Jackson’s Doctor

    * An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran

    * A Palestinian on a motorcycle

    * Gas station Sushi

    * A Jimmy Carter economic plan

    * Brian Williams news reports

    * Loch Ness monster sightings

    * Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton

    * A Drunk Pilot

    * A ISIS member wearing a big bulky coat in the summer

    * A Liberal Transgender in the Girls Bathroom

  • Jay

    Man this harpy is all over the board, rip apart third term babies, marriage is between a man and a woman, super predators, I’m in now ways tirrrred. When are the sheeple going to wake up and SEE she doesn’t give a damn about YOU or U.S.

  • TGAmi

    What she thinks personally and what she thinks politically are two different things. Politicians will say what is necessary to get elected. How many of them are actually honest?

    Wikileaks is just another mouthpiece for the GOP. If they were politically neutral they would release what hackers have found on Trump and the GOP.

  • zeph

    Dumb article. Wtf was wrong w/civil unions? Who’d want to ape heterosexuals anyway?

  • Jane Doe

    There seems to be some disagreement over where HRC really stands on the gay issue. To be clear, she hates everyone in every group–unless you’re in the 1% donor class. That should clear up any confusion…

  • Linda

    Well, it might be wise to note she has caused destabilization in the middle east and helped from ISIS and ISIL and wants to bring thousands of GAY hating Islam followers into the country,.

  • Tom Robbins

    She goes anyway the wind blows, as long as it keeps her in power – plain and simple.. I mean common, what can any of us here say she stands for? God I miss RR… May he rest in peace. “They all do it” is not good enough for the American people – they must stuff their private feelings and serve the good of the nation, period. Hard choices she won’t be able to make, as she showed with Benghazi, with a midterm coming up it was more important to give a cover story than care about dead US personnel and soldiers.. she sickens me as she would “eat her own young” to stay in power. What does she really stand for? Nobody knows!!! The email server, a symptom and surrounding herself with game players, and billionaires. US lives are not chess pieces.. but they love it – so much to manage, how can she govern? She can’t and she won’t.

    • Tom Robbins

      We do know one thing – she loves the power.. and unlike great presidents, tells us all to trust government… WOW!!1

  • Judy Smith

    She will tear DOMA AND LGBT to shreds if she wins this election. As the old saying goes—–“you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

  • Aaron Prince

    Marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman,hellary said in 2004.She is afraid to condemn what she actually believes, because it would make her look weaker to the voters to flip flop again on another issue.

  • sammy

    gays are the most blissfully clueless ppl on the planet. They honsetly think they are an oppressed minority that everyone is out to get whose symbol is Trump that must be hated on without logic or reason. So sad bc nobody cares that theyre gay – it is the dnc that are segregating them into their own demographic and riiling them up against Trump and Rrepublicans. They need to get educated.

  • Bob Wilson

    This is the kind of thing that indoctrinates people into conspiracy-think. Read the book 1984 by George Orwell. You can carve a conspiracy out of almost anything. If I drove an expensive car and wore a suit, you may think I’m wealthy and successful and trustworthy when none may be true. It reminds me of Jim Jones and JohnesTown. He told everyone, the government is coming to get us, lets all drink this purple Kool-Aid and die. If you don’t drink it, we’ll shoot you. Step back, realize what Wiki-Leaks is, not what it says it is. It can’t be trusted to be impartial or without influence or harm to world citizens. I don’t blame this kid for going there, it’s based on a frame of reference made to seem like the only sanctuary.

  • Anna Nyoki

    “News” like this is why we’re facing Trump as president. It’s not only inaccurate, it’s misleading. And that’s being kind. But hey, thanks for doing your part for Chancellor Trump.

  • Hans Olo

    I used to wonder about voter fraud by the stupid Liberals…. Thought it was a bunch of mumbo-jumbo. Liberals casting fraudulent votes together? good and evil? the Clinton Mafia and Emails? Crazy thing is… it’s true. The Force. The Jedi…The Liberals and corruption All of it… It’s all true…

  • Richard J

    Another piece of crap propaganda. First of all we now no that Wikileaks had a political agenda to get Trump elected, which makes any post from them less than reliable. Secondly, no candidate has done more for the gay community, worldwide, than Hillary, and no candidate has been more inclusive and thorough in her plans to continue to fight for equality and fight HIV.
    Wikileaks and Trump trolls, you have done your damage and one an election based on the smear campaign and lies against your opponent. You “won” while the country lost. Are you ever going to get back to being honest? Using deception to direct a country will never help us to become a better nation, maybe that is why you are doing it

  • John Hunt

    Hey, she can’t wrong about everything!