As the U.S. Presidential candidates went head to head on the debate stage in Las Vegas, a joint coordinated force of Iraqi Kurds, central Iraqi government security forces, and a small element of U.S. military advisers attached to counter-insurgency paramilitary groups march on the Islamic State-held city of Mosul.

In an offensive that’s planned to take up to a month, joint forces seek to retake Mosul from Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, IS) with swiftness and absolute retribution.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces indicated that “The objectives are to clear a number of nearby villages and secure control of strategic areas to further restrict ISIL’s movements,” via field coverage from CNN.

In fact, via statements, Iraqi forces are “advancing faster than expected” in the major offensive against the Islamic State jihadists who seek to regain control of Mosul.

“We are advancing faster than we had expected and planned,” Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Thursday,  speaking on a video conference to an international audience co-hosted by France and Iraq on the future of Mosul. The Times of Israel reports that foreign leaders are worried about the attack and that is should be done right.

Particularly, French President Francois Hollande said that the radical Islamic terrorists who control the territory are, though intending to fight it out in Mosul, are fleeing to IS territory held in Assad’s Syria. Islamic State controls Raqqa which serves as the seat of ISIS coordination in the Syrian region.

“We can’t afford mistakes in the pursuit of the terrorists who are already leaving Mosul for Raqqa,” Hollande indicated. “We cannot allow those who were in Mosul to evaporate. Everything must be done to protect civilians who are exposed in combat zones and used as human shields.”

Currently, several dozen villages have been liberated by coalition forces. Residents of the liberated areas exposed the horrible acts of Islamic State from utilizing civilians as human shields and other atrocious acts.

Countries in West Europe and the United States seek to settle the score with the several attacks on the respective country’s soil. France has 4,000 strong, via land and sea forces, deployed in the area, the United States has several hundred special forces operators serving as advisers.

REGATED will keep you updated on the ensuing battle and will report details as they come in. 

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