I: No Democracy for Democrats

It is absolutely undeniable that the Democratic primary election was stolen from Bernie Sanders. It’s irrefutable.

There is the  study by Stanford University academics that confirm voting irregularities that benefited Hillary Clinton. PBS reported suspicious purging of 126,000 voters in New York. Democratic voters saw sudden party affiliation change that affected California primary voters. The smoking gun was in the DNC email leaks.

In these emails, DNC insiders conspired against Bernie Sanders by exploiting his religion. They waged a propaganda war against him through a willingly complicit media.  The Democrats essentially merged the DNC with the Clinton Campaign via Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and Donna Brazile.

Even if the polls weren’t rigged or cooked, due to the DNC’s violation of its own charter, which states it must be impartial and respect the democratic process, Democrats should be outraged. Any Democrat who believes in a coherent philosophy of ideas and wants to see America progress with honor and dignity hates this the corruption.

The Democratic party’s elites were exposed as pathological, corrupt, lying puppets of the Global elite.

II: The real impact Donald Trump would have

This may be hard to swallow. There is a logical case to be made for Bernie Sanders supporters to not just dump Hillary Clinton, but to vote for her opposite: Trump.

Trump has sparked controversy throughout his campaign. Many people believe Trump is human garbage. And — depending on your perspective — that may be true. Furthermore, Sanders supporters agree that Trump’s economic policy would be disastrous. But would they really?

To believe that Donald Trump would be destructive to progressivism requires the belief that progressivism has no future. Look at Trump’s policies and compare them with Sanders’. Both Trump and Sanders oppose foreign wars and intervention and globalist trade policies like TPP that benefit the super-rich at the cost of the poor and working class.

Ask yourself: what would be worse for our children?

Hillary Clinton would create a future riddled with elitist policies like TPP that have specific clauses that prevents repeal or resistance by sovereign nations.

Donald Trump would end foreign interventionism (dealing a big blow to the military-industrial complex) but risks ‘screwing up the economy’ for 4 years… Wouldn’t this help progressivism gain ground in 2020?

III: The Supreme Court

Ex-Sanders supporters point to the Supreme Court as the greatest threat to progressivism. I ask, what damage could a slightly more conservative Supreme Court do?

William Rehnquist, a conservative, led the Supreme Court through the 1970s, an era that saw major advancements in civil rights for minorities and women. The Affordable Care Act, while some elements were struck down as unconstitutional, has largely remained intact even through the strong conservative reign of John Roberts and Antonin Scalia. Marriage equality was achieved in the same era. The actual impact of a slightly conservative Supreme Court is negligible in terms of progressivism’s future when compared to the impact Hillary Clinton would have on the morale and policy positions of Democrats.

IV: The Clinton chilling effect

If Hillary Clinton is elected President she will secure trade policies that benefit the 1%. She will stay beholden to her corrupt donors while ripping the beating heart out of progressivism. She’d morph crony capitalism into crony socialism.

If Sanders supporters want a future for their beliefs, they must fight Hillary Clinton and the elitist Democratic party insiders who stole the election from the man the people chose to carry the progressive torch forward.

Voting for Donald Trump would be a punishment for the DNC and the Clintons; never again would the Democratic party get away with what they did in this election. If you don’t stand against a Clinton, you won’t get another Bernie Sanders.

People like Mr Sanders appear rarely in a political generation: an honest, trustworthy, independent thinker. According to the primary polling, Sanders would likely defeated Trump in the general election.

Now Clinton support is free falling  in a way the mainstream media never thought possible. Sanders supporters warned of this. Now is the time to decide if progressivism is to have a future, an uncorrupted future, a future that isn’t watered down and mutilated for the benefit of wealthy elites like the Clintons.

V: What’s to sow and what’s to reap

Donald Trump might be a stomach virus, but Hillary Clinton is cancer for progressivism; electing her will probably create disaster across the world for working class people everywhere.

Bernie Sanders supporters should stand up and vote for the candidate who at the very least opposes crony trade policies and the military industrial complex – and after all, the bigger disaster Trump is, the more this benefits the progressive in 2020.

By voting for Trump, progressives can hit two birds with one stone: they can ruin the reputation of Republicans, and secure actual progressive goals on foreign policy and trade policy.

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Robert Powell

Robert Powell is a young writer from Appalachia. His life in a region of America that is both historically poor and politically corrupt, while simultaneously mesmerizing in its beauty and unique in its traditional culture, gives him an unusual perspective that dares to refute his generation's trend of mindless regressivism and identity politics.