The Twitter account of imageboard website 4chan posted a tweet on Thursday which has turned the heads of many users on the website.

4chan’s Twitter account posted the following tweet on Thursday.

Users on the websites /pol/ board have taken notice and rumors have spread across the site as to what the tweet means.

Rumors include a data breach, which is not out of the realm of possibility after Yahoo reported that over 500 million accounts have been breached, in one of the biggest breaches of private information in history. Yahoo — which has suffered a steady decline since 2010 — reported that the breach might have occurred in 2014, which means that newer emails and other information could have been spared.

Other rumors that have been persistent across the website include a government crackdown or the site having been sold to the creator of SomethingAwful.

For those who are not up to date, 4chan is an internet forum website that allows full anonymity for posters. There are several boards which people can post on, such as /b/, otherwise known as ‘random’, which cover a whole range of topics. 4chan is a very different community when compared to others for its use of memes and off the cuff humor.

What is 4chan?

4chan has been the source for many popular jokes on the internet, such as the rick-roll and lolcats, as well as being used by Anonymous. During the 2008 campaign, Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin had her Yahoo account broken into and emails were released to the public. The hacker was the son of a Tennessee Democratic state representative. That same year, a hoax story linked to 4chan claimed that Steve Jobs had died of a heart attack. As a result, Apple Inc.’s stock price plummeted until investors realized that the story was false and that the late CEO was fine.

Just recently, a member of the website hacked several iCloud accounts and published nude photos of many celebrities, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. The FBI has come up with several individuals they believe are responsible for the leak. The photos were first posted on 4chan.

The website has been recently linked to the dastardly alt-right goons. The alt-rights ‘efforts’ to troll the election have gone well, as they have triggered Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton into getting upset about a cartoon frog.

Whatever may happen to 4chan is currently unclear, but if a drastic change hits the website, expect many people to express their discontentment.

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Michael Fisher

Michael Fisher is a conservative writer for REGATED. Second year college student. Might or might not have been dead broke leaving the White House.
  • The FBI or Justice Department should seize the 4chan.org domain. The place is a den of terrorist. Nothing of value goes on.

    • Lance Saturn

      You do realize that to seize a domain is violation of due process of law guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment as well as Section One of the Fourteenth Amendment of the constitution. Forget about the First Amendment. What you suggest is a Federal crime and an idea that should not be humored.

      Need I also remind you that 4chan has been a center of civilian hackers who have taken it upon themselves to combat organizations such as ISIS and expose corruption all over the internet where the world’s governments constantly find themselves impotent?

      If you kill all the snakes, you will end up with too many frogs. If you kill all the frogs, you will end up with too many flies. If you kill all the flies, the crops will die and you will sit upon a heap of rotting corpses. A civilization that can only turn its weapons in upon itself is not a civilization worth keeping.

      Our weapons exist to be pointed outward at those that seek to destroy us. The First Amendment exists so that we can ALL speak out against all forms of evil ideology without fear of being stomped out and censored at the hands of those falsely entrusted with power and control.

      Sick twisted minds serve a very important role in a free society. If they have the freedom to speak when no one wants to hear them, there is nothing stopping the overwhelming majority good people from speaking out in turn and proving that what we hold dear is not only right, but also right when confronted by evil.

      • topkek

        look at his face. You can tell by the way he looks that he is just some leftist cuck. You can’t reason with him.

        • Lance Saturn

          Leftist cuck or not, it is important we not leave comments like this idle. If he cannot be reasoned with, at the very least we need to speak out for the people who watch from the sidelines. This is the internet. There is an audience for everything we do. Even now there will be eyes watching us here.

          Your account as well as mine is virtually anonymous, kept with pseudo names. However, the audience that watches what we do now is even more so. Most will never so much as have a name as they pass by.

          When we speak out against lunacy, it is important that we not be dismissive of the power that lunatics hold. If we do not take them seriously and speak out with well-structured reason, the people passing by will see that we, too, are lunatics to be ignored.

          If I am to be one in a pair of lunatics, I want to be the one best remembered; not for my insanity, but for the content of my ideals.

          • Well said again. I’m using my real name, I’m also bidding for President of the United States. 4chan crosses a line of willful neglect and are complicit in the cyber bullying. I don’t like the anonymity of 4chan. I do, like you all. Enjoy the free speech. yet when somebody crosses a line, there must be opprotunity for legal action. This person @tumblrisms is causing me pain, suffering and financial loss. I have to seek legal restitution. He Tumblrisms needs to be accountable for his actions.

          • Kenneth Bautista (kbaut1readsE

            The thing is, you’re only talking about /b/ and /pol/, where most of the issues you’re talking about are coming from. How about the more “civilised” boards, like /sci/ or /his/?

          • First Last

            He’s cherry picking the two most negatively renowned boards, from a well renowned site, in order to garner unwarranted attention to his own agenda. Personally, I wouldn’t reply to his comments and give him the invitation to further broadcast his nonsensical ideas.

      • Mr. Saturn, well said. Of course. 4chan banned me today for talking about shutting them down. https://twitter.com/WayneLambright/status/779095231656374272 4chan is not about free speech, they are about cyberbullying. There is a guy on there stalking me and libeling my name. 4chan won’t block him. 4chan operates outside the laws every day.

        • Lance Saturn

          You need to understand that 4chan is not some monolithic idea. You are talking about censoring people by using police power to seize private assets without due process of law, and then say that you are somehow entitled to have unrestricted access to someone else’s privately owned internet space?

          You have your priorities backwards.

          If you are bidding for the presidency, you need to pay attention to the constitution that you will be required to follow and abide.

          If you truly are suffering, you MUST abide by due process of law and take legal action through the courts.

          Libel and slander is a crime regardless of the existence of 4chan.

        • Kathleen Rising

          Your ban is temporary. It will expire eventually and then you can go back to campaigning for the legal persecution of your chosen rivals, whom you seek of your own volition, and deliberately antagonize, yet are too intellectually weak to defend against unaided.

          If you ever got what you’re after, you wouldn’t be satisfied, it would only embolden you to take your manipulative intimidation tactics further. You’d come up with another target and then another, the nature of the “crime” being so broadly defined as to potentially include literally anything at all, regardless of the intent of the author, so long as you found it “offensive.” I can’t help but think this is the desired outcome. You don’t just want the censorship of 4chan, you want a legal structure that allows you to dominate by recourse to law those against whom you’re naturally inferior.

          What I see here is a pathological combination of resentment and lack of information. You claim to have constructive aims but your actions are driven primarily by resentment and so I doubt the validity of your claims. Your intentions are far more destructive than the “cyberbullying” you’re using to justify what eventually amounts to totalitarianism.

          If the people of 4chan dislike you, it’s probably because you’re a tyrannical authoritarian seeking to establish a repressive regime in order to punish them for your own lack of strength and character. You can easily protect yourself from the “stalking and libel” you claim you’re encountering, all you have to do is stop using the website. You don’t like it there, yet you persist, and you insist that these other people, who would otherwise have nothing to do with you if you didn’t force yourself into their sphere, change their behaviour to suit your tastes and desires.

          They didn’t seek you out, you injected yourself. They don’t conspire to do you harm, it is you who work to do harm to them. You manipulatively spin the situation to make yourself seem like some kind of victim, but you’re not the victim of “cyberbullying.” You went looking for trouble and found it right where you made it. You deserve a permanent ban, in my opinion. Your presence is a liability and adds nothing of value. You should find another hobby, perhaps model trains or something. You would be happier and it would keep you occupied and away from things that aren’t meant for you.

      • kidwinona

        Just a side note. If we people didn’t use the automobile for transportation and what not, but instead still relied on horseback, just think about how many flies and mosquitoes there would be. Hmmmmm

        • Lance Saturn

          A funny thought.

    • Sev

      Start with #BLM then we can talk about terrorism….

    • Pooly

      How can you not embrace the concept of anonymity, Wayne? If 4chan and anonymity did not exist you would have zero supporters for your election bid. Do you think that we would openly challenge Zionist views without anonymity? Many of us have jobs, friends, and families. You may have enough “honor” to risk your entire life for a cause, but I can assure you that we do not. Once total anonymity on internet drains is the day I abandon politics.

    • Pickleman

      this man is a well known con artist lol

    • MiksteR_RdY

      Disregarding that 4chan also solved crimes already. But hey, go ahead with your ignorant and imbecilic statement.

    • Sargonarhes

      They are not all terrorist, you’re painting the denizens of 4chan with way too broad of a brush. Not every one hangs out in /pol/ in fact the people of /b/ are very left leaning, but I see /b/ as the worst place of 4chan. The simplest rule is if you don’t like it don’t go there.

      You sound like a typical leftist that doesn’t like what some one says, want to silence them with the law. Which violates the 1st Amendment, but then liberals don’t care about any of the Bill of Rights.