Hillary Clinton “Medical Episode” at 9/11 Memorial, Rushed to Hospital

DEVELOPING: Fox News has confirmed that Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has suffered a “medical episode” while attending the 9/11 memorial event today. Both Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump suspended their campaign to pay respects to the men and women who lost their lives during the September 11th attacks fifteen years ago.

We are also now learning that Hillary Clinton dropped an unidentified metal object before being lifted and dragged into her van. She was then transported to her daughter Chelsea Clinton’s apartment. It is being speculated that they set up a medical headquarter for Hillary in the event she had another episode.

According to Fox News’ Rick Leventhal, Clinton appeared to faint on the way to her transport van, stumbling off the curb and losing a shoe as she was rapidly helped into the vehicle. Sources tell John Cardillo that Clinton was “combative, dizzy, and disoriented,” and her staffers knew something was wrong. There are unconfirmed reports that Clinton was rushed to the hospital.


Clinton purportedly being helped by Secret Service to her vehicle

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UPDATE 11:33 AM EST: The Clinton Campaign has released the following statement:

Secretary Clinton attended the September 11th Commemoration Ceremony for just an hour and thirty minutes this morning to pay her respects and greet some of the families of the fallen. During the ceremony, she felt overheated so departed to go to her daughter’s apartment, and is feeling much better.

The current temperature in New York City is in the mid 70s Fahrenheit with cloud cover, making it unlikely that a person in good physical health would suffer heat exhaustion.


  • According to a law enforcement source, Clinton campaign staffers are scurrying around trying to find anyone who has video of the incident.
  • Dan Merica of CNN tweets photo of Clinton’s motorcade outside Chelsea Clinton’s apartment


UPDATE 12:06 PM: The above video has gone massively viral across the internet. Awaiting cable news coverage and comment from Clinton Campaign. REGATED confirms that the mysterious man who appears with Clinton at events carrying a diazepam syringe, who was revealed in Robert Powell’s groundbreaking article, was present at today’s event.


UPDATE 12:19 PM: EXCLUSIVE – Photo tweeted to @ShaneRegated shows Clinton’s shoe on curb

UPDATE 12:30 PM: New video emerges of Clinton’s episode, cable networks still not reporting.

UPDATE 12:33 PM: Twitter has removed #PrayForHillary and #HillarysHealth from its trending section.

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Robert Powell

Robert Powell is a young writer from Appalachia. His life in a region of America that is both historically poor and politically corrupt, while simultaneously mesmerizing in its beauty and unique in its traditional culture, gives him an unusual perspective that dares to refute his generation's trend of mindless regressivism and identity politics.
  • Prof. Gaptoof

    Watch. CNN and MSNBC will blame mean old racist-sexist Donald Trump for making poor nice Hillary’s mild health problems much worse.

    • 2broke4 her

      MSN states she was over heated and went to Chelseas apartment and now feels much better.. on another note, MSN Blog is closed.. how odd…I would say, they dont want the truth out, they would rather have a mentallly ill person as president..

      • Prof. Gaptoof

        She was over-heated? Yeah I suppose that could happen to someone dressed like Chairman Mao in a blizzard.

  • Deplorable Dave
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  • stormykitteh

    That poor slipper escaped the swollen trotter and threw itself under the van in the hopes its misery would be ended.

    • 2broke4 her

      a handsome young Samaritan went from house to house trying to find whom the shoe belonged to. a hog came by and said its mine.. if you try it on me, I will become a beautiful princes.. so did the young Samaritan did and nothing happened.. the Samaritan said you lied, the hog replied but you have to kiss me also, but first put lipstick on me.. so the young Samaritan did and nothing happened again.. the distraught Samaritan said you lied to me!! the hog said, I’m a Democrat Presidential Candidate….

  • 2broke4 her

    MSN closed their blog and stated Hitlery went to Chelsea’s apartment after feeling overheated, gee the temperature is in the 70’s when it happened.. if she gets overheated by temps that low she has a serious medical issue! she needs to be cleared by a team of doctors appointed by all 4 current party candidates MRI, CT, complete blood panel, urine and neurological tests.. after the team of doctors determine she is healthy enough to continue, then so be it.. other than that Dimocrats need to find another candidate!

    • xenonman

      Hopefully, she’ll drop dead before Nov. 8 !

  • Deplorable Dave

    Killery fainting in NYC.

    • 2broke4 her

      she had a stroke she did faint! look at the way she walked. no wonder her team wet scurrying like squirrels to get all the cameras..

  • Jim Stone

    Translation–she went to a hospital, any sane person would go to an hospital

    • Colleen Maguire

      Why did she come out of her daughters apartment if she went to the hospital?

      • Jim Stone

        Ok translation the hospital came to her

  • Rich Rochester

    Weather reported in mid 70’s and she’s on blood thinner, so if anything, she should be cooler, not overheated. Something’s wrong with her health and it is being covered up big time.

  • David Leach

    She looks very rigid.More like seizure.

    • Dalton

      Big Time convulsions…

    • dcnj

      her head never drops…it is really odd.

  • Lady Con

    Hillary’s staff looking for people with videos – so they can confiscate them! ‘Twas a seizure… or worse – maybe a stroke

  • Dalton

    Not only do they need to come clean about Hillary’s ill health they need to explain about her clones…did Hillary go to the hospital, is she dead? and was it a clone came out of Chelsea’s’ apartment “feeling fine”…..yes, sheeple they use clones…

  • Gwen Shegda

    The reason is being overheated??? Temperature in the 70’s cloudy. If she gets over heated with that temp. Do not come to Florida. I really believe there is something really wrong with her. It is being hidden. All of her coughing fits. Some lasting for many minutes, then she has to be excused. She is shown being helped upstairs. Again, something is not right here.

  • One Voice

    What is the silver thing that fell out of her pants leg?

  • Ninar

    Re the headline:
    Did she go to a hospital?
    Looks like she went straight to Chelsea’s.

  • Common Sense

    She has Parkinson’s disease.

  • Brian Valdez

    My earthly father John Edgar Williams had a stroke when I was around five years young and my mother explained our just like what Mrs. Clinton did! Very disoriented and legs buckling with fainting and irritation! Looked like a stroke to me but, I have military medical background so what do I know LOL….