The United States of America may be the most sick and rotten it’s ever been and it’s thanks to elite, crony capitalism and Hillary Clinton.

Back in July, the director of the FBI, James Comey, held a press conference in which he said that no charges would be brought against Clinton for her use of a private home e-mail server. This month, ahead of Labor Day, the FBI’s official documents on their investigation into Clinton’s e-mails were released. In July, Comey stated “we [the FBI] can’t establish… that she acted with the necessary criminal intent.” The documents released from the FBI sing a different tune.

Hillary Clinton used not one, but three, private servers while Secretary of State and all were kept in her basement. None of her e-mails use encryption. An e-mail account using Clinton’s server was successfully hacked into in January 2013. A computer and thumb drive with the entire archive of her e-mails was lost in the mail.

Sure, Comey can say that these details show no willful intent to break the law but let’s keep going.

Clinton used 13 Blackberries and 5 iPads with her private home e-mail server and had aides destroy them with hammers after use. Here’s CNN fact-checking that:

Destroying electronics that held classified info with hammers is a far cry from the standard protocol of disposal in the State department – to me, that’s clear intent to break the law.

According to Trey Gowdy, House Select Committee on Benghazi Chairman, Clinton’s lawyers used Bleachbit, a special tool that completely wipes harddrives and servers, so “even God can’t read them.” Again – to me, that’s willing intent to break the law.

So why hasn’t Hillary Clinton been prosecuted? Hold on to your hats, we’re going down the rabbit hole.

The Guardian reported that the Clinton Foundation received $81 million from the HSBC bank.


This is from a PDF from HSBC’s site detailing that James Comey – yes, THAT James Comey – resigned from the bank’s board of directors in 2013. Imagine that, the head of the FBI recommended no charges against Clinton after the bank he was board of directors on gave $81 MILLION to the Clinton Foundation. That’s probably just a coincidence, though – just another stupid right-wing conspiracy theory? Please, spare me.

The icing on the cake, truly, is Clinton purportedly believing that the (C) on classified documents didn’t mean “CLASSIFIED” but instead meant that the document’s paragraphs were being ordered alphabetically. Either she is lying or is really that clueless; if she’s really that dumb, this lackwit cannot be the one leading the nation. Full stop.

Even with all of these scandals – Clinton’s use of private home servers, one of her e-mail accounts being successfully hacked, her aides destroying devices that held classified info with hammers – that’s not even the worst of it.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that Hillary Clinton is sick. This week, Clinton gave a campaign speech in Cleveland and coughed through all of it. That’s no exaggeration, she didn’t just cough once or twice in the middle of speaking, she coughed start to finish.

Interestingly enough, we have an undoctored gif of something leaving Hillary’s mouth and sinking to the bottom of her glass of water:

The lamestream media pundits keep telling us that Clinton isn’t sick and we need to stop talking about it. She’s not sick, it’s just allergies. She’s not sick, it’s just another right-wing conspiracy. If allergies is the best defense they have against her consistent fits of coughing, her handler whom is regularly seen by her side (and in some photos with what appears to be an epipen), and now this strange substance in her glass – they need to go back to the drawing board.

I’ve said it before and I imagine I’ll say it again before November 8th:

Hillary’s health is a voter concern – no matter who tries to tell you differently. Over the past week, a few mainstream media outlets have actually been reporting on Clinton’s coughing fit in Cleveland. At the same time, many polls have been released with Trump ahead.

Trump is up 19 points among military, veteran voters.

He’s ahead of Clinton among Independent support, too:crr68r1wiaals1eAnd even ahead a couple points among likely voters’ choice for President:crq_mdbwiaev3loFinally, in most state polls, Trump is also ahead:crnc7uevmaevbtfIt seems most people are beginning to realize that America is, indeed, sick and that Hillary Clinton isn’t the cure to our ailing nation – Donald Trump is.

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Jon Hall

Jon Hall is a reformed two-time Obama voter with a keen interest in world events. He covers US politics, corruption, tech interests and more.
  • psage

    trump 2016

  • twr

    Of course they are. The fbi agents that get killed by Hillary’s stupidity are only cannon fodder.

  • eli3k

    I have allergies that keep me coughing nonstop under stress and in extreme cases causes me to seizure. Sometimes I cough up hairballs into a glass and then take a drink. I mean come on, who hasn’t done that at some point. It’s sexist and racist to even point it out.

    • kalani

      What’s even more sexist is that republicans can’t figure out that people often forget their annual classification training.. and even more people are allergic to state department servers. amirite?

  • G Bailey

    Trump never killed anyone.

    • kalani

      Um yah, but he’s a cis gendered white male and that makes him totes terribul.

      • G Bailey

        Haha. Love the sarcasm!

  • Justiceforall

    Illary, slowing being revealed for what she truly is. The big question is, will the brilliant voters of this country wise up in time…?

  • Samerica

    The fact she’s not in jail and charged along with most of her staff and Weiner’s
    wife and Wasserman and most demoncraps for obstructing justice is proof enough.
    The entire demoncrap party has broken so many laws under BO and Holder’s
    unlawful administration is beyond believe he hasn’t been impeached and charged.
    fast n furious was enough! people died! Benghazi! people died! and they lied after!
    I would not be surprised if Hellary ends up having serious illness or fakes another
    brain damage episode to get out of debates before the election! THE polls are
    right on but you notice most bias media aren’t reporting them like they did a week
    ago when Hellary had these phony poll numbers saying the election was over!
    Think how much fun will be watching Trump destroy the media after he becomes
    President because he won’t take none of their BS that they pulled on Bush! but
    refuse to give BO and Hellary the same kind of questions and hold accountable!