Many voted for you in 2008. I remember the joy, the good feeling, and the hope I had when voting for you. I thought you’d improve the world.

Fondly, I remember traveling across the nation to campaign and canvass for you, full of love for you, worried endlessly that the media would deconstruct you or damage you through lies or racial hatred.
I truly believed you could relieve a nation hungry for change and inclusiveness, and bolster America’s global standing.

For a time, you did. In 2009 you passed a stimulus bill that I believed would grant America a 21st century infrastructure. You spent nearly $800 Billion on this bill, and I believed our roads, high-speed rail, and bridges would be built or fixed. That same year you won a Nobel Peace Prize — by people just as hopeful as I was.

And like any crush, it was hot and heavy at first, but as I grew to know you — my feelings changed.

By learning more of your character, I grew to despise you. By witnessing the limits of your speaking skills off teleprompter, I learned that you weren’t who you promised. And ‘if if if if if’ you think it didn’t hurt my feelings, ‘it it it it it’ did. Okie doke?

Like any hot and heavy romance, there’s a terrible feeling of learning that my new political love was just saying all the right things to get into my pants.

And from 2009 until 2011, not much changed.

The world felt safe, but I excused myself from caring about politics, disillusioned but not yet angry. Despite sluggish market growth many people still felt optimistic about the future.

On May 1, 2011 you announced that Osama Bin Laden died in a shootout with US Forces. The world applauded your success, and we felt convinced that this community organizer had finally blossomed into a serious President, willing to take action to secure the lives of Americans through intervention abroad. You seemed to finally cement yourself as a stronger leader than Bush.

But the following October, you killed Qaddaffi, and the next few months marked a rise in Anti-American sentiment across the globe, punctuated by the September 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi, which you and Clinton sheepishly blamed on a YouTube video to distract from your combined failures in the region.

This is where your true soul began to shine.

You began deceiving the public to control a narrative and suggest you’d been successful.

Your egomaniacal commitment to your own brand’s self-preservation grew worse. In your 2012 election campaign, you created mass racial hysteria by using your surrogates to smear Mitt Romney as a racist, with Vice President Biden saying Romney would put blacks “back in chains” — something you actually did by expanding welfare 30% in your first term — deteriorating the wealth of Black American households.

Your second term became the polar opposite of your first, taking wild swings at America’s most sacred laws. In January of 2013 you wanted to pass ‘comprehensive gun control’, never addressing mental health concerns or personal responsibility.

You called for amnesty for all illegal immigrants within our borders. Then wanted to disarm the public and change the electorate, a stealthy form of gerrymandering and pure anti-American evil. You wanted to celebrate those indifferent to our laws at the cost of those committed to them.

Then you grew frustrated with the idea of cooperation, blaming Republican majorities in the house and senate for your ideals not being signed into law. You never self-reflected long enough to learn why the Republicans retook the majority, forgetting entirely the purpose of a Democracy.

You seemed unaware that the public had grown to distrust you.

June of 2013’s Snowden Leaks revealed that you had destroyed the 4th Amendment of our Bill of Rights, using NSA programs to spy on literally everyone.

That same Fall the government shut down to prevent the passing of an unconstitutional health care bill, “Obamacare”. Surely a constitutional legal expert like yourself would understand that fining Americans for not buying something is… well… unconstitutional. But despite the horrendous failure of Obamacare’s website launch, you never admitted to seeing any concern. Now our premiums are rising, perma-lancing is the norm, and nobody can afford healthcare. And you’re proud of this?

You opened 2014 by promising a series of executive actions, each designed to get around the very democracy that elected you.

By August, your approval rating was in the low 40s. You called ISIS a JV team, which facilitated their growth as American journalists started getting beheaded abroad… you golfed in leisure, far from the maddening crowd of American discontent.

Our president went ‘Full Obama’ — and began systematically pushing laws nobody wanted, while blocking laws that would expand our nation’s sovereignty and wealth creation.

You offered 2 years of free community college, all while our national debt soared into the upper teen trillions, and you blocked the keystone pipeline, a project which would have bolstered our own energy independence, something you campaigned on in 2008 but forgot to actually do.

You said ‘no’ to wealth creation and ‘yes’ to state-dependency.

By mid 2015, the new contenders for President were all launching campaigns. Each embodying a subset of America’s disillusionment with your failures.

And the last 12 months have shown your desperation, divisiveness, and delusion. You decry all Trump says as ‘hateful rhetoric’ or ‘bigotry’ — just because he disagrees with your failing policies. You applaud Clinton, hoping everyone forgets your disdain for her in 2008.

And as ISIS kills us in the name of Islam, and BLM kills cops in the name of ‘Social Justice’, you seem genuinely confused what motivates these people to kill.

You seem incapable of self-reflection, wondering why our fellow black countrymen you usurped and a region you bombed is now full of angry and murderous mobs.

Let me give a lesson to you, one I learned from actually having a father, and not just dreams of one.

When you fuck up, own it. When your current strategy doesn’t work, seek understanding. Be flexible, be honest, be fair.

It is the dreams of my father that I apologize when culpable, learn when ignorant, and thrive for greatness.

You have nearly destroyed our nation, golfed endlessly, and ignored the concerns of average Americans.

Americans grow scared. We feel we are on the brink of a Civil War, ISIS Invasion, or the birth of your desired Social State. All would destroy the greatest nation there was: The United States of America.

Every time you speak during these atrocious times, your bias shows. And you’re biased against us, the American people, all of us.

You have failed the American people and we are breaking up with you, and sorry not sorry about your legacy.

It’s not us, it’s you.

  • ziz

    Aren’t you clever…writing as if you ever supported or valued Obama. Where’s your ode to Bush and his calamitous wars, unprecedented government expansion and disastrous economic policies. I’m eager to hear your soliloquy to McCain and his radicalization towards the right and brilliant choice to put Sarah} Palin on the national stage. Or how about a sonnet to Romney/Ryan and their callous categorization of Americans as either makers or takers.

    I doubt there was ever a day that you were hopeful about Obama – other than hopeful that his last day would come sooner. Clever try, but try again from a more honest starting point.

    • DistressedWineVulture
    • ATruePatriotTrump2016

      Classic liberal who is purely bipartisan. Many of us can criticize other parties unlike people like you who never criticize your own no matter how much of it is warranted

      • Gabriel

        The audacity. This is more Willful blindness of political conservatives. They just love to have selective memories and forget any historic facts that are “inconvenient”.

        • Vin

          Yes you’re right, just as the Democrats always seem to forget they had the KKK, and were the ones who were actually pro slavery.

    • mediaLOL

      Nice troll job. Your comment is completely FOS. You castigate the author as a liar – without proof – and then whine and moan because your ‘Leftist Jesus’ was called out on his BS by the author.

      Go ahead and cry more. It might help you feel better at some point. Maybe.

    • TSuarez

      This article had nothing to do with Bush, or whatever calamities you feel were resulted from his presidency. This is an article about Obama, and an apt one. Whether or not the author ever supported Obama is not your point to dispute. Typical liberal; you can’t choose what other people think, sorry.

    • Tony

      Obama has spent the last 7.5 years in the White House tearing down what this great nation had built. Not only that, he made this country more divisive, more clashes between religions and races. His reluctance of calling ISIS an Islamic terrorism group tells us clearly that he is one of them. There’s nothing wrong with being a Muslim, as a normal Muslim is peaceful. I firmly believe Obama should be charged for destructing this country and endangering the national security.

  • twr

    You voted for him in 2008? What evidence did you have that would incite any hope? A campaign slogan? Americans are stupid. Obama’re presidency is tangible evidence of that fact.

    • DidYouBuiltIt

      The MSM pushed O’Dumba or any Democrat into the minds of Americans. Why you ask? During the GWB era, all we got was the media narrative telling us how horrible GWB & Reb were and made fun of GWB looks and intelligence. The MSM needs to be burned down.

      • TexasTea71

        While I’m visiting here, allow me to correct your addled memory: The mainstream media fawned over Bush from 9/11 through Hurricane Katrina, a span of 5 1/2 years of his 8 yr presidency. After 9/11 they were so laudatory (google it) and unquestioning that Bush’s approval rating spiked to 88%; Ari Fleischer, his first press secretary got away with making the white house press pool submit questions in writing ahead of a press conference so Bush could be given written answers, and difficult or challenging questions were met on more than one occasion by Fleischer warning the reporter to think twice about asking questions like that, as ‘people in the building were taking note.”

        After Bill Maher mocked Bush’s depiction of the terrorists as cowards, saying they were evil, but hardly cowards, Fleischer was able to write an open letter complaining about Maher’s comment to the NY Times, warning, “”all Americans that they need to watch what they say, watch what they do.” It got Maher fired. For making a joke that ran contrary to Bush’s bullsh*t – He was that untouchable for over 5 years.

        Lets also look at the fact that the New York TImes and the entire MSM allowed themselves to be used by the White House to sell a war based an clearly lacking intel. MSNBC even cancelled their top rated show at the time, hosted by Phil Donahue, because he was against the war. Internal Memo quote MSNBC and NBC parents fear that having an anti-war voice would anger the White House, and then the public.

        There were definitely anti-Bush protesters, including the 2.4 million who marched in 30 cities in 2003 before the Iraq invasion but got about 8 seconds of national coverage. And that crew were harsh on Bush from beginning to end. But your hated MSM were Bush lapdogs for most of his administration.

        • DidYouBuiltIt

          You sir obviously have a selective memory. The MSM attacked Bush and the GOP at every opportunity post Bush’s 2004 presidential victory. “Bush doesn’t care about black people” – Kayne West all the way to Comedy Central cartoon show “Lil’ Bush”. Refresh your history before you try coming out like you know something. The MSM setup the stage for the 2008 to fall into the Democrats lap. There is no debating about that. Only a fool thought deadman walking McCain had a chance.

          • TexasTea71

            MSM bashed both Bush and Gore immediately post election in 2000 – MSM arguably handed the Presidency to Bush by amplifying the notion that Gore was a stiff (he was) and that Bush was just a regular middle american guy (one who summered in Kennebunkt; was gifted a share of the Texas Rangers by investors , and oh yeah, was the President’s son..)

            But if you check back, for the 5 years I pointed out between 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, Bush was treated with kid gloves wrapped in bubble wrap by the press. You’re helping me make my point, too: Kanye made his comment during the Telethon to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. L’il Bush was Post-9/11 (it ran 2007 – 2008.) Also, there was ‘Thats my Bush!’ by Southpark’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone, which ran for 2 months, April and May 2001.

    • Barack Hussein Sharpton

      Once I learned that Obama spent half of his life listening to anti-White hate speech and anti-American tirades, I knew what he is, hence my handle…he is Barack Hussein Sharpton and now people are dying because of his racial agitation.

      BLM is Obama’s Black uprising, made of racists that want to spill White blood.

  • DidYouBuiltIt

    O’Dumba and the Democrats has flushed this country back 60 years. Everything this country has built, has been utterly destroyed. Prey that Trump wins the 2016 election and lives up to what he has been spewing. If not, America is doomed.

    • TexasTea71

      Learn 7th grade history, and reach a 7th grade spelling level, then come back and talk to us, Cletus. “Prey that Trump…” You just can’t make this stuff up…

      • DidYouBuiltIt

        Prefect trap with prefect results of triggering the English language warriors. LOL!!!!!!!

        • TexasTea71

          Sure you meant it sport… sure you did. And if the ability to read and write makes me an English Language Warrior, then call me an ELW. You guys living in your mom’s guest room go all-in for that SJW, men’s rights, ASR (angry celibate revenge) and ‘cuck’ stuff, right?

      • Haven’t you heard dude? Segregation is vogue again.

  • Gabriel

    Blaming the president for every problem you can think of….This article was not well thought out. Have you ever heard of Congress?

  • AD1980

    Another rube self identifies

  • virtualmatrix

    Haven’t tweeted all day and when I TRY to tweet this out, this is what happens: “This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.”

    Censorship. How you know when your country is ran by democrats.

    • TexasTea71

      “Censorship. How you know when your country is ran by democrats.” Like Cletus up thread, a few more years of ‘Readin’ ‘Riting n’ ‘Rithmatic might do you a world of good Jethro.

      And if you get around to catching up on history, you’ll find that in America, authoritarianism clusters mostly at the far right. To be fair, it clusters at the far left in communist states like Red China, Cuba, and the old Soviet Union. But even Barry Goldwater, along with William Buckley (google them both) the father of American Modern Conservatism, became alarmed at the authoritarian impulses of American Conservatives post Reagan. His last book, written with John Dean, was called ‘Conservatives without Conscience’ looking at the troubling overlap of authoritarianism and the far right in this country. To put in in your own syntax: “The Patriot Act, Stop & Frisk, Donald Trump’s Entire Candidacy. How you know when your county is ran by conservatives”

      • virtualmatrix

        Someone’s salty about the truth.

      • Tuktoyatuk

        The truth is that liberals own authoritarianism. Think Stalin, Sanger, Reid, Pelosi, every tin horn dictator across the globe, and Hillary. The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act rammed through by Teddy Kennedy had as its sole purpose the favoring of preferential immigration from lands where residents were accustomed to rule by Leftist demagogues and would presumably vote Left here.

        • TexasTea71

          Mussolini, Franco, Hitler (sorry Jonah Goldberg) Hoover, Father Coughlin, McCarthey, Wallace/Lemay, Nixon, Buchanon, Haig, Cheney are all real world Right-wing authoritarians.

          Stalin, Mao, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un, Kim-il Song, Castro, Ceaușescu and Tito are all left wing authoritarians.

          Grow up and realize this isn’t a football game where you’re cheering for your team and think they’re all heroes. And if beyond the Hannity caliber bullsh*t, you honestly think Reid and Pelosi are authoritarians, you don’t remotely understand the term. By your definition, Paul Ryan and virtually the entire House Republican conference are authoritarian.

    • Laura MacIvor Butler

      Censored response on Google by omission is similar. I’ve been using Bing.com a lot more.

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  • TexasTea71

    If you’re gonna troll this hard, you might as well at least troll smart, as well!

    This clownish attempt fails hard & fast, with the laughable premise that the writer voted for Obama! There are plenty of Conservatives (PJ O’Roarke for one) who could write a very convincing imitation or parody of a formerly liberal now disillusioned individual. Sadly, the writer above is about 50 IQ points south of that weight class. From the lazy insertion of Talk Radio “facts” in place of objective real world facts, to missing the year Obamacare was passed by only 3 1/2 years. Missed it by thismuch, Champ.

    Also unlikely in anything written by anyone who once voted for Obama: the Limbaugh parroting depiction of Obama’s reaction to ISIS (more airstrikes and special forces raids than the rest of the world combined) or the Breitbart authored and insanely bigoted premise that BLM, – who condemned the Dallas jackass – “kills cops”

    Other fun factual catastrophes that show your long term reliance on ultra-right propaganda:
    * The notion that Obama expanded welfare, when more people ended up on public assistance due to the 2008 economic collapse (which Obama led the recovery from, highlighted by 14 million jobs created instead of the loss of 800K/ jobs per month handed off by Bush; the tripling of the Dow Jones, and the near-tripling of consumer confidence. I think we’ll all take that kind of ‘destruction’ of America any time.)

    The total number of Americans killed by ISIS since their origin in 2011 (another direct result of Bush/Cheney invading the wrong country!) is 104. Thanks in part to Obama, as well as many other factions, ISIS has lost half the ground in Syria and Iraq that they held at their peak in 2013. Thats one reason they are trying to pull hit and run actions in the west. Bonus Points: Wanna guess how many former Middle Eastern Refugees have killed people in this country in terrorist acts? Zero. We need to tighten visas, but that isn’t nearly the election year hot button for the right.

    Speaking of Immigration, I’d love to see the Amnesty proposal put forward by Obama! Reagan did indeed grant Amnesty. Obama proposed a lengthy path to citizenship through education or military service for those who wanted to become citizens. But that’s reality, and reality isn’t the far right’s thing.

    The cherry on top of your facetious stumbling troll-fail: the fury at executive decisions, an option which Obama has used less than any president in 30 years, are completely constitutional and common place.

    The only thing you got remotely right is that Obama and Hillary botched the Libya policy – Out here in reality-world, we can see screw ups as well as successes.

    Anyhow, keep swinging little man. Someday you might be able to pass for a moderate conservative. For now your fever-swamp, low-info colors are bleeding through every word…

    • Wolfrunner

      LMAO ! you’re a fool !

      • TexasTea71

        I’ll take ‘Responses from nutters who can’t argue established facts’ for 800, Alex.

  • Bob Roberts

    A spectacular article. Thank you for the time, effort, and thoughtfulness of these words.

  • Wolfrunner

    Great article ! I have been censored for years – removed from News max after years of posting the truth – the Left is attempting to silence our Freedom of Speech .

    • SorryJeffersonWeTried

      Careful, texasteabaglicker is about to take a page long crappola.

      • Wolfrunner

        Thank you for the warning !

  • Capt_Morgan

    You were worried that the media would deconstruct obama through lies!?
    They constructed him through lies!

  • Juan Tho

    Fool me once…

    It’s great you came to this realization Julian. I wonder how many more like you there are out there? I hope it’s that silent majority that has seen thru the deception and is ready to make a stand.

  • SorryJeffersonWeTried

    Julian Wan, I feel your pain, but tomorrow is a new day, and there are plenty more fish in the ocean!

  • William Jones

    somewhere between the “YES WE CAN” and here is what you got…shadow solutions and I get what “I”
    want…..shadow revelation and false information and cover ups…America has lost its’ resolve of the future.
    Trump gives us Back to the Future!!!! Obummer offered us back to the past…

  • j. adelman

    I think Obama spent to much time in Reverend(God-Dam-America)Wright’s Church.Also Dr. Ben Carson said the thinking of a Community Organizer is–It’s Them Against Us. Period.

  • PursueJustice

    I’m amazed how anyone was taken in by Obama. In 2008 just watching the man it was clear he was a liar then. He had not accomplished anything anywhere and yet everyone was touting him as though he was some kind of savior. Too bad this piece came out now. Too bad the author didn’t see this like so many others back before the loser Obama was elected. Because of this author and so many naive people, we have one screwed up country that incredibly is about to get worse. If Obama was near the bottom of people, Hillary is the bottom and it looks like the dumber than rock American voters are about to pick yet another loser.