Far too often, the main stream media will only focus on the bad aspects of a candidate. As the election creeps closer and closer, you will only hear negatives.

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1) Trump’s private jet flew a seriously ill jewish boy from California to New York for medical treatment

2) The time that Donald Trump saved Ed McMahon’s house by purchasing it and allowing Ed to continue living in it

3) Trump has donated his money to several health organizations including the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, Alliance for Lupus Research, Autism Speaks, Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, and many more

4) Donald Trump called on the family at its home after their son, Ryan White, died of AIDS at age 18

5) He saved an ice skating rink in Central Park by taking over the over – budget project, and finishing the rink by Christmas time for free. He was two months ahead of schedule, and $750,000 under budget. He also operated the ice skating rink for a year, and donated all profits to charity


6) Donald Trump and Mel Farr teamed up to help young Detroit artists Appear at Carnegie Hall

7) Donald Trump kept the Harlem Hoops program alive after learning the man who ran it was killed during the September 11th attacks

8) How Trump Fought Antisemitism and Racism in Palm Beach Two Decades Ago

9) Barbara Res, at 33 years old became the first women to ever be put in charge of supervising the construction of a skyscraper, when Donald Trump hired her in 1980


10) Donald Trump’s flagpole got fined $1250 per day, but sued the city citing the 1st amendment. Eventually they cut a deal ($100,000) that benefited Iraq War Veterans, the American flag and/or the local VA hospital

11) After Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew were murdered, Trump sheltered her and her family at the Trump International Hotel & Tower free of charge

12) Trump offered a $10,000 reward to the Buffalo bus driver who stopped a young woman from leaping off a bridge to her death in 2013

13) Donald Trump was on ground zero after the September 11th attacks. He sent over 200 of  his own people to look for survivors in the wreckage

14) Donald J. Trump and his siblings gave a $1 million gift to the hospital that treated their parents

15) November 8th, 2016: Donald Trump saves America!

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Sam Wenkert

Sam Wenkert is a multi-talented writer for REGATED. He began writing about politics during the 2008 election year, and has been interested in political science ever since. Sam also reports on developing world news.

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  • emersonushc13

    This is nothing in the eyes of the true lumpen proletariat who chant “Boss Bad, Worker Good!” while occasionally being wiped out en masse by the more-equal-animals to thin the herd.

  • Johnny Wendigo

    What impressed me most is Donald Trump, right after 9/11, said that the twin towers were designed to resist the hit, but the asbestos lawyer lobby forced the owners to remove the asbestos cladding of the steel structure. So when the planes’ fuel ignited, it caused the steel to burn like with a welder/cutter torch and the tower collapsed. They would otherwise have been rebuilt by now and have had far less casualties. So bravo for the guts denouncing the real responsibles for the collapse, the crooked as Hillary lawyers’ racket. I lived near asbestos mines, played with it as a kid and the only ones who suffered from asbestosis were guilty of gross negligence, refusing to wear the breathing apparatus supplied by the mines.

    • Jay_Sherman

      And what made WTC7 collapse into it’s own footprint, when it wasn’t even hit??? (And funny how those paper passports survived such heat, but the steel and black boxes didn’t, eh?)

      • Muhammad Abbass

        Ask the BBC and a few other media outlets who reported that the building had collapsed and even why years before it was officially decided, more than 20 minutes before it even did! Now they must have some clues. 🙂

    • Muhammad Abbass

      What a steaming pile of BS!

  • RCB

    Here’s my list some are the same, some different; My collection is now up to 14…

    I’ve spent some time studying Trump and I find that he is a decent person despite his gruff manner and personality. Perhaps he is not politically perfect or a perfect person, but I don’t see the Archangel Gabriel stepping up to run for the office any time soon. Here are 14 stories of good deeds that I’ve assembled from across the Internet. These stories demonstrate to me that he is a doer and that his heart is basically good.

    1. Donald Trump Shelters Jennifer Hudson Family Free of Charge


    2. Donald Trump Shows Kindness To A Little Girl With Bone Disease

    3. Trump agrees to fly a 3 yr old on his jet to get medical care when airlines refuse to do so:


    4. Trump saves a family farm in Georgia:

    5. Trump give $25,000 check to marine who spent 214 days in a Mexican prison


    6. A Couple Stopped To Help Donald Trump When His Limo Broke Down–He Repaid Them by Paying Off Their Mortgage


    7. Apparently Ronald Reagan’s name wouldn’t have even been on the NY ballot if not for Donald Trump.

    “Fred Trump was one of the greatest men I ever met — and they were both strong Reagan supporters,” Stone says. “Fred Trump had been a major Goldwater backer and financier. [Donald Trump] was very helpful to Reagan, in terms of helping us secure office space, telephones, logistics. He allowed us to use his airplane to fly our petitions to Albany in order to file on time to get [Reagan’s name] on the ballot.”


    8. Trump helped bring NY City back from the garbage can?

    “Long before Donald Trump stamped his name in gold on buildings around the world, posted snarky midnight tweets and joined the race for the White House, he was New York’s most important and bravest real-estate developer.Whatever you think about his political views or crazy campaign, Trump doesn’t get enough credit for being a transformative planner who is in love with the city.”


    9. Trump stops a guy from beating someone on the street with a baseball bat:


    10. Donald Trump helped buy time for Ed McMahon when his house was being foreclosed on.


    11. Man Refuses To Let Lady Use Bathroom In Hotel… Then Trump Walks Up


    12. Trump gives hero bus driver $10,000


    13. 200 Stranded Marines Needed A Plane Ride Home, Here’s How Donald Trump Responded


    14. Because of Trump she is able to send her Mexican-American seven-year-old son to college on a full-ride


  • captainwiggins

    More “lies” to be digested by the liberal camp.

  • Steve LaFontaine

    he stopped his limo and got out and personally stopped a mugging.

    • Toni Judd

      I like him more and more with every speech and story I hear about him.
      Got some nice stories about the Clintons, I would love to hear the kind of people that I am voting for. Because we need the right Man in the white house, Right?
      Past mistakes aside, any apologies from Bill Clinton? I am patient, I can wait for him to realize that he has hurt some pretty nice people. God Bless them all, I’m sorry that you believed in them and then got burned pretty bad. No apologies forthcoming.
      I pray, because I’m a praying woman, and not at all perfect, that Trump/Pence move into the Whitehouse, Trump and Milana and their children anyway. God help us and sorry for my bad language at times. And I pray the man who stole my husband Social Security number to please stop using it and lease don’t touch our S.S.money, it’s not much but it’s all we have, with 2 kids to put thru college, do you get what I’m trying to say?please, I’m too sick to work. Hoping you see this Mr. R. Franklin.since 2002, I take anxiety medicine along with my pain medication. Don’t feel bad for me, please just stop…please.

    • Anthony Massetti

      His limo got a flat the couple that helped him he paid off their mortgage. He’s realy a good man. Thanks

      • Al Terego

        That’s true! A relative of mine knows the couple, and told me that story. It happened back in the 90’s.

  • Jay_Sherman

    Trump’s O-K, but No ONE can save this country, because we’ve reaping the results of nearly 100 years of quasi-communistic economics; our Christian culture has been destroyed; our people are now the products of government schools (in which they are dumbed-down) and the Zionist media, and can no longer think; and we have no allies left in t5he world, except for our fellow partners in [war]crime.

    Of course, Trump might prolong our inevitable demise a bit, while Hitlery would hasten it….but there is no saving an empire this bad, when it has gotten this bad, and has been so for so long; and when it is so full of amoral perverts and mercenaries and foreigners.

    We possess all the characteristics which all the other failed empires of history history possessed just prior to their demise.

    And the sad thing is: The policies of former administrations take time to take effect. Slick Willy got the credit for the economic benefits of the Reagan/Bush I tax cuts; the next inhabitant of the WH will get the blame for the effects of Obozo’s policies. i.e. whenm the economy crashes, which is pretty much inevitable at some point in the next few years- the next prez is going to get the blame, no matter what he/she/it has actually done or not done.

  • Rick Morrow

    Donald Trump is the first presidential candidate I have heartily endorsed in my 60 years. I will be proud to vote for Donald Trump on November 8th, and so will my entire extended family.

    • Jay_Sherman

      “….so will my entire extended family”. -Yes, you know, that is the one really unique thing about this election: In my 54 years, I’ve never seen such political unity! I mean virtually every friend, acquaintance, business associate and relative of mine supports the Trumpster. I’ve never seen anything like it. Usually the lines are drawn about 50/50, but this one time, it seems that everyone’s on the same page. But then again, that shouldn’t be surprising, seeing as who the other candidate is…. I mean, you’d have to be a dysfunctional psychopath to vote for her….

  • J.R.

    Wow. Another brain-dead easily-fooled follower of the billionairre who claims that he alone can “save us”. Absolute fucking hogwash.

    • joe

      j.r. who you putting your money on, i don’t think J. C. is coming down to “save us” so get your bets down. i bet on trump!!

    • kidwinona


  • Cressett

    What a lot of hooey! He doesn’t do anything that doesn’t have something in it for him. People as rich as he claims to be should be giving much more to charity rather than swindling people through his “U” and stiffing small business owners and suing people 3,500 times.

    • Jay_Sherman

      Yeah! Sure! Give even more to the worthless eaters, who do nothing as it is, but take from everyone else and make more babies who grow up to be future criminals and welfare recipients!

      Actually, it’s a shame that we live in a world where it is no longer considered a character flaw to be lazy/indebted/have more children than you can afford to support, and where those who take care of their own and who provide jobs and business opportunities for others are called “greedy”, while those who do nothing except walk around with their hand out and vote for those who redistribute the wealth of others are considered somehow noble.

      Utterly disgusting. (At least in the soon-to-come economic crash, most of the latter will perish, and the ones who don’t will learn to live within their means.

      • Brian Altsman

        You simple bitch.

        • esh844

          Well YOU simple bitch, have YOU ever worked with some of these people? I have. I volunteered every week with a very well known, well respected charity for a long time and ran across so many scammers it would make your head spin!!! People would come in asking for help paying their utilities or for free food or free housing and sit and talk with each other while they were waiting about their $100 hairdos and $50 new fingernails, but tell me they didn’t have money to take a bus across town to put in an application for a job. I don’t suppose they could be expected to have used some of that money to pay on their utilities, or for food, or to go look for a job, right? I believe in a HAND-UP. NOT GOVERNMENT SUPPORT AS A WAY OF LIFE FOR ANY ABLE BODIED PERSON. Not every client that came in asking for help was playing the system, but don’t be naïve, there were a lot of them that were. Some were single mothers trying to complete school and they did need help with ALL of their living expenses. Some were elderly, some were disabled, some were homeless and plagued with addictions they couldn’t shake. But a lot of them just didn’t want to work. Some did work, but claimed their expenses were so much they needed free food, etc. If your cell phone bill for a couple is $150 per month and your cable tv bill is $120 per month….maybe you should consider a little less frivolous spending and a little more spent on your actual living expenses

          • joe

            esh844, well said and damn accurate. of course no freeloader would agree. that brian altsman sounds like either a freeloader or an idiot. either way another fool.

          • Al Terego

            Well-said, Esh844!

            How about the perpetual loafers who can “never find a job” but who walk right past Mexicans mowing lawns and doing real labor…but of, of course the welfare client/charity beggar can’t do that, because it’s not in an air conditioned office, and they might have to break a sweat. Or they “can’t afford the bus fare” (while the Mexican walks or rides a bike!).

            The good news, is one day, as the economy gets more and more sickly, all the hand-outs are going to stop, and the freeloaders (and those who use our money to support them, in exchange for votes) will starve to death or get shot while looting. Maybe a few of the smarter of the bunch who are not already too far gone, will learn to live functional lives and stop breeding like alley cats, and survive.

            It’s sad. I’m a Christian, who believes in charity….but like most other things in our world today, “being poor” has been warped by the government into being part of privileged class who are rewarded for sloth, irresponsibility, and not practicing birth control. One is not “poor” because they earn less than a certain standard set by some bureaucrat, or because they live in a place which is too expensive for them, or because they are lazy or have more kids than they can support.

            The government isn’t helping the poor; instead, it is subsidizing the lowest segment of society to have babies (and more than most working people can afford to have!) who will grow up to be yet more welfare bums and criminals.

            Stupid liberals think that that sounds harsh- but when one honestly thinks about it, what I have described is the simple reality.

      • Karolyn

        Being charitable is not supporting lazy people. You have a very jaded view of charity. There are too many charities to list that help people in a great many ways, including disease, addiction, and abuse, as well as animal welfare, environmental causes, etc.

    • kidwinona


    • Saint Eva

      Liberal your time is almost over. Tick tock jackass

  • Karolyn

    Why are there no cites for any of this. I do not believe everything I read on the internet and try to investigate everything before passing it on. People who write this stuff are lazy.

    • Helo Karolyn! Everything is cited — simply click the words after the number and you will be re-directed to the original news page. Thanks for being a REGATED reader!

  • Dennis Dull

    He missed he trash can and walked back to pick it up instead of leaving it there. seriously can someone really justify these simple acts of common humanity as anything less than expected from everyone of us? Trump is a joke.

  • ListenandLearn

    (Nov 10, 2014)
    Donald Trump has written a check for $25,000 to Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, who was recently freed from a Mexican prison after 214 days in jail.
    “I really want this money to go to him, not his lawyers,” he said.
    Trump said that he felt badly after watching Van Susteren’s interview with the Marine. He said that Tahmooressi has suffered greatly and that he hopes this money will help him get back on with his life.

  • MarisaLynn

    Why doesn’t the main stream media covering these things.

  • Dean Hayes

    You forgot the one about Trump giving $10,000 to the family of Pastor Saeed Abedini while he was in prison in Iran.

  • Valdoria

    Since the election, I have scoured the internet to alleviate my fears about Trump. I know he has short changed and not paid many many honest workers, contractors, and businesses so it makes little sense that he would give to anyone. He is so nasty to all minorities, women, and the middle class as well which has been shown by video so it isn’t just rumor. Also, the reason for his running in this election is purely for his tax breaks and adding to his stream of revenue to selling products and gaining a ton of PR. However, again, I am looking for something that might prove otherwise. It is a nice story above but I need to see real proof.. not hearsay. I am traumatized at the possibility that the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Pipeline (Trump is invested in the Dakota Pipeline) might actually happen and further pollute and damage our lands here. Our land, food, and air is the ONLY thing of absolute importance. Ruining the planet is not ok. Money doesn’t replace our planet and is only a sign of corruption and greed.. but again.. .hopefully Trump will act like a completely different person once he is in the whitehouse. Maybe just his EGO alone will help him try to be the best president.

    • StupiditySlayer

      Read the previously posted articles. Actions speak louder than words.

    • Anthony Massetti

      Your wrong. Not only are you judging a great Christian your predisposed to even consider your first sentence of him mistreating woman if all fabricated. He’s not perfect but s rapist he is not. You said you researched. How many times native American have been involved in the signong of the agreement to continue the pipeline , zero now it’s not even on tribal land it’s upstream 75 miles. You put it and it’s burden on trump as to what proof do you have he’s invested in It?. We put up with a negative smear campaign long enough to discredit your assumption. Like we are supposed to take your word for it. Good luck. Sexist

    • Anthony Massetti

      So nasty to all the ethnicities . No just the criminal and illegals. Get a clue his foundation is headed by a black woman. Google Trump’s key largo fight to allow blacks and Jews into his clubs. He’s done more in his life to benefit woman and black then you’ll ever give him credit for.

  • Shawn Stoyle

    So anyways, Trump would put on a white tie and tails and walk his pet cobra through the park on a leash. He named the cobra “Beverly”. He taught it how to fetch and dial a phone. But then one day, it bit the maid. So with tears in his eyes, Trump had to shoot the maid.”

  • Shawn Stoyle

    Did I ever tell you about the time I went horseback riding with Trump, but there weren’t any horses around? Well, Trump throws a saddle on my back and rides me around Wyoming for three days. Well wouldn’t you know it my stamina increases with each day and I develop tremendous leg muscles. So anyway, Trump decides to enter me in the Breeders Cup, right? Under the name Turkish Delight. And I’m running in second place, and I’m running and I break my ankle! They’re about to shoot me, when someone from the crowd yells out, God bless him, ‘Don’t shoot him, he’s a human!

  • Shawn Stoyle

    One time I asked Trump to dress up like Santa for a Christmas party I was throwing for my children. Yeah, that’s them, that’s them. Well Trump shows up as Santa reaches into his bag and says: I’ve got goodies for you kids. He proceeds to hand out scrap metal and cigarettes to them. Then he takes off his beard and says: There is no Santa ’cause I ate him!

    • joxerthedeplorableboxer

      Wow I feel bad for you

  • Shawn Stoyle

    Trump is ranked 18th in the AP College Football Poll.

  • Sun

    Give him a chance people.They have tried to make him out to be a bad guy with lies.He is a good guy.